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No. sentence
1 She enticed me away from working.
2 Working together for two months welded them into a group.
3 Please do not disturb us when we are working.
4 We may indeed graft living branch to living tree, or living part of animal or man to other living part, but it is not life with which we are working; it is form only.
5 They booted him out of the company for not working.
6 The employer kept them working all day.
7 matter what we eat or use, it is produced by the working people.
8 In the next section, we will see how to translate this design decision into real, working code.
9 From then on there was no further contact. The tracking system appeared either to have been switched off or to have stopped working from that day.
10 The scientists are still working on inventing new methods of reaching outer space.
11 Yesterday I asked Nancy Duarte a few questions about working with Al Gore. Here's what she said.
12 More and more often today, we also see situations where the individual loses her job, but her old corporate responsibility, and the projects she was working on, dont go away.
13 None of his three sons has learned this skill; two are working on construction sites in Pune and Mumbai.
14 Put your math skills to the test in this profession, working for Banks, insurance companies, or securities firms to improve their bottom line.
15 This involves the cooperation of testers and developers working together to efficiently and effectively analyze and solve these problems, and to improve performance.
16 Simplified English may not be for everyone, but with the rise in the number of people around the world working in English, I suspect we will see more of it.
17 Science courses are especially important but math, writing, and other disciplines are also used by Earth scientists during every working day.
18 Now we can see that we have changed the current working directory to /usr/X11R6/bin and that it is full of files.
19 Working hard to enter an honorable profession should make any loving family proud.
20 To pursue the lofty mission of peace, it is both worthwhile and honorable for us to keep working hard, sometimes even forgetting all about food and sleep.
21 We want to share our feedback and discuss this in the working group.
22 At each stop, I have emphasized President Obama's message that our strategy working with you may be in a new phase, but we pledge our full and continuing commitment to Iraq and the Iraqi people.
23 He urged them to brace for competition by working out what they were good at, what they should not do and what their values were.
24 These pathways all talk to each other. You can think of them not as separate, but as part of a larger network of pathways that are communicating and working in concert.
25 ACROSS the Mexican countryside, villages are denuded of their working men but kept alive by their Labour.
26 To make sure our troops, veterans, and their families have full access to the American Dream they've fought to defend, we're working to extend them new opportunity.
27 We are prohibited from drinking alcohol during working hours.
28 car divided cities into work and home areas; wireless technology may mix them up again, with more people working in suburbs or living in city centres.
29 If you have some work to get done on the computer, but can't resist TNT's afternoon lineup, keep the TV off while working.
30 But to me, while working, there was nothing more valuable than being with her.