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No. sentence
1 The worker tried to Pierce a hole in a piece of leather.
2 Mumbai, India: a worker sleeps on a hand cart at a wholesale poultry market.
3 A Taiwanese shop worker dubbed Little Fatty told of his shock Thursday at becoming a Susan Boyle-like overnight Internet sensation after a flawless Whitney Houston rendition on a TV talent quest.
4 Bradley, a coal worker turned farmer, said he had been laughed at when he first planted them, but his crop turned out so well that other farmers want to try.
5 He substituted for the worker who was ill.
6 The worker was beset on repairing the computer.
7 The worker bedded metal plates together.
8 Her father worked as an electrical technician for Pacific Bell and her mother was a cannery worker and a member of the Teamsters.
9 The tired worker fell back on the bed and at once fell asleep.
10 The worker blushed when he saw Dan in the boiler room.
11 hive is, therefore, so important that every worker is willing to lay down its life to protect it, should its safety be threatened.
12 The organism of a hive yields integration for its community of worker bees, drones, pollen and brood.
13 A bold worker boasted that he could do it well.
14 The worker bathed machine parts in the oil.
15 You can see the business Worker (with its operations) and the business Role in both Figure 1 and Figure 2, and they represent the links between the business and the systems layers.
16 And there was the hospital worker who treated Mrs. Peeples as though she was trying to snatch a white baby when she took Riley, who had blond curls, out of his crib in the nursery.
17 So what about all those factory worker pay increases?
18 The worker welcomed us to visit the farm.
19 He would not demean himself to a lazy worker.
20 The worker bargained his services to the highest bidder.
21 Let the masses discuss who will be chosen as an advanced worker.
22 The worker glazed the China.
23 You should not be the hardest worker because that makes you look desperate.
24 Is she a doctor or a worker?
25 He is the worst worker here.
26 I am a worker but my brother is a professor.
27 This important distinction means that decisions about which worker does what work are not required.
28 The real question is what you get for your money, when you hire a worker.
29 An employer can only stipulate one probation period with a same worker.
30 She was interviewed about the death of the Thai worker on Israeli TV and she plans to continue to work for peace.