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No. sentence
1 We have worked with Apple for quite a while.
2 passions of these people can soon be worked up.
3 I worked at a large publishing company and ate lunch in the canteen.
4 They worked till midnight.
5 The company compensated him for the extra hours he worked.
6 She went to the countryside in 1958 and has worked there ever since.
7 He worked late into the night and improvised a meal for himself.
8 Counsellors worked to detoxify her.
9 Gray worked for him in the early months of his campaign for some time, then became disillusioned, freaked out and joined another party.
10 I believe he once worked for you.
11 How well do you think that worked?
12 How long have you worked with them?
13 But it worked.
14 But those who have worked for him say that beneath the bookish exterior he is extremely tough.
15 How long have you worked for this company?
16 I have worked in this factory for twenty years.
17 He worked so hard that his boss liked him very much.
18 He worked for a research division of it.
19 What kind of environments have you worked in?
20 you worked with any of the vendors mentioned in this article, or are you using other solutions?
21 But I have worked in public health for 30 years. I have no illusions.
22 I worked there for six months.
23 We worked for a couple of weeks (off and on) and finally solved this problem.
24 This was our first introduction to automated testing, and we were surprised at how well it worked.
25 For any one product I worked on, if I didn't do it, someone else would have.
26 you worked with any of the vendors mentioned in this article, or are you using other solutions? Let us know!
27 My colleagues and I worked almost every night, weekend, and holiday to transform our dream into an enterprise.
28 According to hospital records, no patients in the ward where she worked showed signs of influenza-like illness while hospitalized.
29 He liked his job at large and worked hard.
30 this was completed, we worked with the storage team to determine what type and how many LUNs we would require for each of the AIX systems that were migrating to this new device.