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No. sentence
1 He saw the guest out and took up his work again.
2 Of course I have nothing against Apple. If they say in advance no tethering, those who work on that should expect to be banned.
3 Have you noticed that most of the security practitioners you meet or work with have already switched to Apple?
4 They will know a little bit about process and how to make it work for them.
5 Some people use their time and money badly and start at the top only to work down to the proper level of their poor abilities.
6 sash was of finely twisted linen and blue, purple and scarlet yarn-the work of an embroiderer-as the Lord commanded Moses.
7 You can hive off some of the work to us if necessary.
8 Having nibbled off the thin outer layer of fruit, the civets put their digestive juices to work.
9 Tom lied to the boss about his work.
10 A hard piece of work exacts patience.
11 As the leader of this office, she can work with everyone.
12 I have to go and work, I must get out my next speech.
13 It is very tiring work.
14 Then when you start combining the use of transaction management and compensations with your business processes, you have some real nice abstractions to work with as you develop your applications.
15 We work from nine to five.
16 They usually meander down to the pub after work.
17 They banded with him to do that work.
18 Changes might be made in the trunk, without being made in my work branch first!
19 I've got onto a good idea for improving my work.
20 A plenty of heavy work angered her wound.
21 In the future, robots will supersede human beings for very heavy work.
22 Heavy work callused his hands.
23 melons and get melons, sow beans and get beans. You didn't work, how can you enjoy the fruit?
24 We encounter so many problems in our work.
25 If we do the work turn and turn about, we can finish it quickly.
26 The true artist lets nothing get between himself and his work.
27 If you whip through the work this morning you can get 4 dollars.
28 So we must work together, again, to address this challenge and advance our shared objectives for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.
29 Late for work again, she gulped down a cup of milk, with no time for anything to eat.
30 His work has no value.