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word structure in a sentence

1. However, the word structure is used more broadly than building including natural and man-made formations and does not necessarily have walls.

2. His notation to describe Sanskrit word structure notation is equivalent in power to that of Backus and has many similar properties.

3. changing sentence or word structure to increase organizational quality and impact of writing;

4. 1999 Word structure.

5. Its simpler word structure and syntax, while detracting from the raw information standpoint, can make the information easy to understand.

6. The most common word structure is disyllabic with or without long vowels (CV(ː)CV(ː)), according to De Voogt (1992).

7. Word structure in the Mbula language is not complex.

8. An important characteristic of Suban word structure is its ability to change number and meanings of words through minor changes to their words' prefixes.

9. Shallow processing involves structural and phonemic recognition, the processing of sentence and word structure, i.e. first-order logic, and their associated sounds.

10. In their language, the different plants in each category all have a common word structure that puts them apart from all of the other plants.

11. In Tauya, four of the consonants r, k, kʷ,ʔʷ have restrictions to specific parts of word structure.

12. Unlike other Lakes Plain languages which can be disyllabic or trisyllabic, Iau word structure is predominantly monosyllabic.

13. This and other innovations in pronunciation, in addition to changes in word structure and vocabulary, differentiate Ottawa from other dialects of Ojibwe.

14. Davidson (2002) outlines the formal word structure below (pg. 160), The 'unextended word' consists of a root (the 'base'), lexical suffixes, and aspectual suffixes.

15. Unlike other Lakes Plain languages which can be disyllabic or trisyllabic, Iau word structure is predominantly monosyllabic.

16. Japanese Morphophonemics: Markedness and Word Structure.

17. Affixally polysynthetic languages may have a word structure that is either.

18. Word Structure is an international academic journal covering linguistic morphology and all related disciplines.

19. Over the course of her work she became a linguist in her own right, analyzing paradigms and word structure.

20. Rather than sculpture, she preferred the use of the word structure to refer to her work.

21. A sketch grammar served as a preliminary description of discourse, clause, and word structure (Rowan and Burgess 1969).

22. Paite's declarative word structure is Object-subject-verb.

23. Van Reijn (1974) notes that Kerinci shares many phonological similarities with Austroasiatic languages, such as sesquisyllabic word structure and vowel inventory.

24. Of these six, five share a similar word structure that has a person's last name prefixed onto the Latin suffix -i (from).

25. Helong word structure follows a standard C(C)V(C)V(C) (where (C) indicates that a consonant can appear here but does not have to) word structure.

26. This act is a removal of word structure, bringing the letters back to its basic linguistic origin, before they were used to construct a political meaning.

27. Bauer is an Editor of the journal Word Structure.

28. "粄" (Pan) has two components that make up its word structure.

29. She specializes in phonology, morphophonology, stress systems, vowel harmony, syllabic structure and word-structure, focusing on Altaic languages, Turkish, and French.

30. the psalm is a response to the spoken word structure does not customarily respond to speech with more speech;