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No. sentence
1 thought suffices them, without investing itself in the flesh and blood of action.
2 Her spoken English is not very good, but her meaning shone through without doubt.
3 The manager grinned without thinking and said, "G'night, boys, " to us.
4 Changes might be made in the trunk, without being made in my work branch first!
5 We had to do without fresh fruit and vegetable.
6 Without vision, you will advance, but you will not find where you want to go, and your motivation will decrease.
7 All these measures must be carried through without delay.
8 She fears that without an occasional dose she will go back to the drinking problem she left behind 14 years ago with the help of the banned drug.
9 He listened to what I had to say without much comment, then changed the subject to how I did the job.
10 Both plans have been tried, but without success.
11 The playwright does something remarkable in this scene, but without any impression of straining after an effect.
12 Hardly a week passes without someone publishing a book on the subject. Most are rubbish.
13 He and his team have designed a dredge that can dislodge scallops without touching the seafloor.
14 Such technology could allow users to command a computer without touching it.
15 No discussion about WSFL, however, can be complete without touching on one of its core features: recursive composition of business processes.
16 Since the system was installed on a separate hard drive away from precious storage, the system can be reinstalled on the same hard drive without touching the devices associated with the share.
17 tell me now How do I live without you?
18 Even this list isn't necessary, but I only suggest it here for those who don't feel safe without it.
19 I can contrive without your help.
20 She brushed past me without making any comment.
21 Grandmother would never eat a doughnut without first dunking it in her coffee.
22 Do it without (any) delay!
23 campaign, under the slogan 'Let them dangle,' highlights the practice of castrating young pigs without anesthesia.
24 Each event function contains two forms: one without any arguments, and one that contains a function as an argument.
25 Your suspicions are aroused, but as a security analyst, you can't go around pointing fingers without proof.
26 Kim is hurt that her parents planned to have another child without telling her.
27 We found issues on both the client - and server-side that might not have otherwise been discovered as quickly without this kind of interoperability testing.
28 Governance should not be a set of static processes without any flexibility.
29 The framework will automatically locate and execute files for you, without requiring any manual intervention.
30 Nonetheless, he is not without strengths.