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No. sentence
1 I don't know how poor people got through those cold winters.
2 I don't know how they get through these cold winters.
3 During that time, cold winters, ashfall from volcanic eruptions, and plagues adversely affected the population several times.
4 may already be happening in Canada, where recent warm winters have unleashed a plague of bark beetles, and in Australia, whose forests have been devastated by drought and forest fires.
5 winter's ragged hand deface.
6 It is in contrast with many other quarries throughout the world where cold winters delay and in some cases completely stop their production for long periods of time.
7 Spring hesitates at winter's door, but the mango blossom rashly runs out to him before her time and meets her doom.
8 Warm winters, however, may allow iceberg calving and high flow rates to continue.
9 So to make up the difference during cold, dark winters and rainy spells, I'm turning to another eco-friendly energy source: my backyard.
10 farm where holiday makers can watch owls in their nest via CCTV was celebrating a baby boom of chicks following one of the harshest winters on record.
11 It lasted through the winters of Chicago.
12 Yet while long winters spent in caves might have induced people to spend time painting wonder walls, there are reasons to think the symbols originated much earlier on.
13 Since the sea-ice area looks likely to go on shrinking, such a link, if indeed it exists, would probably mean more cold winters in Britain and much of Europe.
14 Although those cities have cold winters, they are heat islands in the summer, with hundreds of thousands of square feet of roof surface absorbing energy.
15 Perhaps because of those long, dark winters, with so little else to do, Greenlanders have developed a wide variety of music, relative to their small population.
16 In cold English winters, frost-patterns would form on the inside of my bedroom window during the night.
17 They could soon face a further threat if warmer summers and milder winters encourage the spread of the Asian hornet, which preys on bees.
18 Moscow and Yakutsk are currently in the midst of cold, snowy winters.
19 Nutcrackers with poor memories did not likely survive the harsh mountain winters.
20 The lake’s biodiversity has adapted to cold, long winters, but its waters have been warming over the last several decades.
21 And though it is well documented that the earth's frozen areas are in retreat, evidence of thinning Arctic sea ice does not explain why the world's major cities are having colder winters.
22 With its freezing, dark winters and summer days that in the north of the country that literally never end, Sweden wouldn't appear to share much in common with the equatorial heat of Malaysia.
23 Although its winters make it one of the coldest U.S. cities, the low temperatures keep ozone at bay.
24 Of course Denver, with its snowy winters and warm but wet summers, cannot learn much from Barcelona, with its Mediterranean climate, because they are so dissimilar.
25 It was the Phoenicians who first discovered that the long summers, wet winters and warm temperature made this huge green plateau bordered by mountains perfect for viticulture.
26 Taylor, who famously swam with sharks off Hawaii last year, tells Smith she plans to return to her new Hawaiian adopted home next week with Winters.
27 Blueberries are generally grown in northern climates with cool winters and mild summers.
28 If you live in a place with consistent year-round weather, you're lucky, because living in a temperate zone with hot summers and cold winters calls for two different skincare regimens.
29 The generally accepted goal is to produce a vehicle that can go 500 kilometres without refuelling while surviving northern winters and desert summers.
30 After two or three ocean winters (occasionally four), they return to fresh water.