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1 skin of our backs descends into a v, like a bird's wing does to its body-a bone hinge covered in smooth skin, our spines locked together at the base.
2 live group used the new "wing of Vision" technology which launched by China Telecom, to complete the broadcast.
3 On the day of the speech, we held several rehearsals in the movie theater located between the residence and the East Wing.
4 Case studies included the monitoring of the central wing and outer panel jointing area, the upper and lower pivots of main landing gears.
5 A tiny feathered "thumb," the alula, improves flight control. The protruding shaft on the first wing feather makes a loud, rustling sound—adding acoustics to the visual display.
6 The protruding shaft on the first wing feather makes a loud, rustling sound—adding acoustics to the visual display. At Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University
7 To misquote "the Great Gatsby", the rock of the world was founded securely on a fairy's wing.
8 As these seeds fall to the ground, their wing causes them to swirl and spin in a process called autorotation, similar to man-made helicopters.
9 We enlarged the house by adding a west wing.
10 Worried, we all scampered over to it and saw to our grief that it had fallen out of the tree and broken a wing.
11 The researchers have figured out how to assemble their own butterfly wing colors by putting together layers of material, sometimes only atoms thick.
12 Blaster's wing has an original construction which has both the needful strength and inflexibility and is still light.
13 admit that the touchdown had seemed a little heavy. Another reckoned that the first sign of problems was when the wing began to detach shortly before the aircraft came to a standstill.
14 He is on the wing gathering material for his novels.
15 As the Aqua_ray can be manoeuvred extremely well, and can be operated both as a hydrostatic glider and with an active wing beat, substantial energy savings can be achieved.
16 Birds would soar through it into the upper radiance, and hang on the wing sunning themselves, or alight on the wet rails subdividing the mead, which now shone like glass rods.
17 It was still moving about so I reached down and touched it on the wing causing one of the pins to fall out.
18 It breathes and takes wing, becoming a messenger in one or more of our innumerable transactions with the world and with each other.
19 bird's wing, comrades,' he said, 'is an organ of propulsion and not of manipulation.
20 He cemented the wing to the model airplane.
21 Wing feather with copper-containing pigment, flight and display, Courtesy Peter Mullen, Ph.D.
22 His skin had lost its luster and had a dull, leathery look, like a chicken wing left in the freezer too long.
23 It is fitted with five pods: two under each wing and one under the fuselage.
24 in wing development, the Wingless morphogen is produced and diffuses through tissue where it prompts cells in certain areas of the wing to make pigment.
25 flutters off in a descending spiral, the shoulder of one wing hacked open.
26 Two of our rarest, and most graceful, butterflies are on the wing this weekend.
27 Barrett of the University of Texas says travel by carriers of influenza, be they people in aeroplanes or birds on the wing, means regional mutations quickly spread around the world.
28 There, from their eyries, while the world heaved and throbbed below, the kings of men sent forth their eagle thoughts to wing their flight through the ages.
29 And they found that a spiral of air develops on top of each falling seed’s wing. That vortex generates lift, and acts like a miniature tornado that sucks the seed up.
30 It's a fairly high grip track, which might mean taking a little bit of wing off.