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No. sentence
1 After the first victory, our army followed through to win every battle.
2 Some members in the audience bet on each horse to win, place, or show.
3 In any competitive race you do not win by emulating your rivals but by building on your intrinsic strengths.
4 I believed if all the voters understood that, al would win.
5 Dont't try to win in your marriage, win for your marriage.
6 After a tough and often nasty campaign, a jubilant Hillary Clinton stood among supporters, covered with confetti and relishing the win.
7 South Korean Lee Ho Lim beat Olympic champion Guo Wenjun of China to win the women's 10m air pistol title at the 5th East Asian Games Sunday, Xinhua reported.
8 With a federal election due by September 2009 each partner in the grand coalition can do little but think of how to win by a margin wide enough to jettison the other.
9 Unless they come from wealthy families, they have to win lots of competitions, quickly make a name and hope that someone will lend them a great instrument.
10 So, you know about football: will England win the World Cup then, or what?
11 Accepts the fact that you can't always win, and learns from mistakes instead of whining about the outcome.
12 This was always one of the biggest challenges on any software project, so establishing this relationship early and effectively was a real win.
13 Find all occurrences of parts in any model and version with part Numbers that begin with "WIN".
14 But that does not overcome the result because the majority of voters "win".
15 The family helped her win the vast majority of votes in the province in the 2004 presidential election.
16 Given all that, it seems you win this bet — but, in light of your friend's unemployed status, why not spring for the lobsters anyway?
17 She persevered in her efforts to win the championship.
18 those pivots, they are often the key to a big win.
19 I took a path [in backing the surge] that I knew was unpopular, because I knew we had to win in Iraq.
20 Those who do win his backing become part of his family.
21 No wonder that all the big carmakers are fighting like rats in a sack to win the largest piece of the action.
22 He took his role seriously and played it to the hilt, issuing ruling after ruling on both sides and objections, all the while evaluating the four of us to decide who would win the prize.
23 If you find the lucky egg, you win a prize.
24 Their eggs from rolling down the hillside: Who broke the last egg, will win, all property of all of his eggs.
25 His shadow chancellor, George Osborne, insisted on February 2nd that some measures would start to take effect this year if the Tories win and he takes over from Alistair Darling.
26 Bicycling tactics call for a rider to let someone else lead for most of the race day, then come from behind to grab the win.
27 You'll feel every punch, grimace at every brutal knock-down and celebrate every win as if it were your last in EA's fantastic boxing video game.
28 Opinion polls suggest that she should win easily against a splintered opposition.
29 Three minutes into his United debut, he teed up Tevez for what we all hoped would be the winner in yet another 1-0 win at Anfield.
30 Uncle Richie and I don't play golf to win, my husband hedged.