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No. sentence
1 He will not tell anyone, the secret will die with him.
2 I will eat an apple.
3 This time the teacher will not mark our English exercises for spelling and grammar, but she will be looking for pleasing expression.
4 They will know a little bit about process and how to make it work for them.
5 will be his wife with him, I suppose.
6 I'm happy to know my arugula will not turn up on the plate tasting like a plastic bag, and that my lamb nibbled only on tender herbs and grasses.
7 their brow, temples and face kissed, ears nibbled and scalp caressed will have Aries dripping with pleasure.
8 The pound of flesh, which I demand of him dearly bought, it is mine, and I will have it.
9 There is a market for human flesh; and it is not with your shadowy hands, shuddering around them, that you will prevent them from entering it!
10 at minus 45c, even wearing glasses gets tricky: the metal sticks to your cheeks and will tear off chunks of flesh when you decide to remove them.
11 We hope the teacher will class Tom in our class.
12 Storage will be charged on each piece of baggage remaining at stations over 24 hours.
13 They will jog in another piece of scenery to fill the space.
14 Your mother will bawl you out when she sees this mess.
15 She will make a very good athlete.
16 The photographs will look nice framed in red.
17 His friends will testify for him.
18 I will answer for her safety.
19 If your model has big ears, then turn their head so only one is showing and then feather the light so that the other ear will fall into shadows and not be noticeable.
20 parents will reprimand him when he shows them his report card.
21 When you contact these two wires, the machine will start at once.
22 You will kill the child with indulgence.
23 All the branch heads will be there, and most of the staff.
24 Though not all fruits have high satiety, there are some, such as apples, grapes and bananas that will leave you feeling full.
25 Find strategies for getting through the urges — deep breathing, self massage, eating frozen grapes, walking around, exercising, calling a friend who will support you.
26 We will fell these trees.
27 In the future, robots will supersede human beings for very heavy work.
28 These efforts will surely bring forth good fruit.
29 colour will bear out soon.
30 The roof will not bear the strain of its weight.