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No. sentence
1 Angry doctors, some of whom claim to be earning less than bus-drivers, have already staged wildcat strikes.
2 A giant wildcat is being hunted after 58 lambs were butchered.
3 The Grumman F4F Wildcat was originally intended as a biplane successor to the F3F, but after the design was beaten out by the Brewster Buffalo, the Wildcat was reconfigured as a monoplane.
4 These are lands where you can glimpse an eagle, an osprey, a wildcat, a fine antlered stag or even whales and dolphins.
5 Lincolnshire oil refinery has triggered wildcat strikes, now in their second week, at engineering sites across the country.
6 And fourth, in America wildcat drillers, if they strike it rich, enjoy access to a spider's web of existing pipelines, so they can get their gas to market.
7 Only 2,000 wildcat Wells have ever been dug in the countries around the Gulf, according to Leonardo Maugeri, an Italian oilman, compared with more than 1m Wells in the United States.
8 grades of coalbed gas reserves and resources extents are mainly determined by exploration stage and degree of a wildcat area.
9 Those concerns have not stopped other South American governments from using their armies against wildcat miners.
10 The media covered Rendell’s wildcat action in generally heroic terms, much as it covered the rescue missions of old.
11 When Americans say "wildcat," they usually mean a lynx, an ocelot or a bobcat. All these cats attack quickly and fiercely. So wildcats represent something fast and fierce.
12 Americans say wildcat, they usually mean a lynx, an ocelot or a bobcat.
13 Wildcat Discovery Technologies is trying to bring high-throughput automation to the discovery and synthesis of new materials.
14 European wildcat, marginalized by hunting and human encroachment, pauses during a daylight hunt in Moldova.
15 A wildcat (Lynx caracal) of Africa and southern Asia having short, fawn - colored fur and long, tufted ears.
16 there's no doubt that the former 'Zona Wildcat has immense talent to go along with his incredible leaping ability, as Nate Robinson surely knows.
17 One time the wildcat babies ran away.
18 This also led to a wildcat.
19 Wildcat" is still in operation.
20 Nowadays, at home and abroad, there are few reports about how to predict rock drillability of wildcat well before drilling in new exploration area.
21 One bank in the state of Michigan offered paper money with a picture of a wildcat on it.
22 How did you manage to escape the great Wildcat?
23 This funny tin man," she answered, "killed the Wildcat and saved my life."
24 You are so crazy, Wildcat. And what is it with you and trees?
25 One night, a wildcat stole a chicken.
26 For wild well, there are lack of logging data and core data. Therefore, present evaluation methods of rock drillability can not be applied to predict rock drillability of wildcat well before drilling.
27 The Tannoy Wildcat range consisted of the following speaker systems.
28 Robot makers at Boston Dynamics have unveiled their latest military-funded creation: a four-legged machine called WildCat that bounds and gallops across the ground in an uncannily animal-like way.
29 A wildcat (Lynx caracal) of Africa and southern Asia having short, fawn - colored fur and long. tufted ears.
30 The British made up for this lack by using American aircraft like the Wildcat, Hellcat and Corsair; however they continued developing their own high-performance aircraft like this Sea Fury.