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1 If a government allows the advertising and widespread sales of tobacco, alcohol and processed food, surely it should also offer help in controlling or curbing excess use from addiction?
2 view is that it is a place where chaos and warlords reign, and povertyis widespread.
3 The report alleged widespread misappropriation of aid and the use of forced labour by the army in the delta.
4 Pope in the letter failed to address widespread calls in Ireland for a radical restructuring of the Church, nor did he say that bishops implicated in the scandal should resign.
5 average smallholding of just over half an acre (0.25 hectares) is too small to feed a family-hence the continent's widespread stunting.
6 Widespread malnutrition and starvation in at least some parts of the country is a reality in North Korea.
7 The German Siege of Leningrad caused widespread starvation among citizens, and lack of medical supplies and facilities made illnesses and injuries far more deadly.
8 However, widespread and successful use of the device required a unified system of telegraph stations among which information could be transmitted.
9 Still, it has become clear that there is widespread dissatisfaction with a government that has failed to provide jobs and an acceptable standard of life for its citizens.
10 potential gains are also spread across millions of homes and businesses, so getting widespread participation would be a challenge.
11 There is some evidence that people would prefer more equality, but there is no sign of widespread outrage or pervasive demands for change.
12 I don't know how widespread this feeling is, but I suspect that a lot of ordinary folks, and more than a few serious thinkers, would tend to agree with my barber about the fate of the American dream.
13 Others will be won over once they see the assistance we will provide, to remedy the damage to Mother Earth and the widespread pollution.
14 How do we overcome the problems detailed above and achieve more widespread industry use of MDD?
15 But this one is different: it has widespread support and is likely to be passed before the end of this year.
16 Then a probe of the archdiocese of Dublin, over the three decades up to 2004, not only found widespread child abuse by priests but police collusion in hiding it.
17 They were very often despised because of the very widespread practice of child marriages.
18 Thailand is asleep at the wheel," he says, noting that despite years of education campaigns, condom use is still not as widespread as he would like.
19 There is widespread suspicion among experts that the claimant count does not represent the true state of joblessness as many unemployed people are unable to claim benefit.
20 The study, which was written up in Science and measured the activity of 45 genes, revealed widespread gene-expression differences between root and leaf tissue.
21 The graft-busting Central Vigilance Commission found that the use of second-rate materials and inflated pricing was widespread in preparations for the games, the most expensive in history.
22 Maathai first latched on to the idea of widespread tree planting while serving as the chairwoman of the National Council of Women in Kenya during the 1980s.
23 The money and the time we spend on pets is simply not our own to spend as we like in a time of widespread want add starvation.
24 Another widespread belief Dr Dale and his colleagues confirmed is that tropical species are more colourful than those from temperate climes.
25 Alas for Mr Clegg's party, hostility to the plan is widespread.
26 We who have enough, who even flush our lavatories with this precious resource, find it difficult to imagine a lack that is so widespread.
27 Much of the wasted water is lost through what the International water Association, an industry body, calls "background leakage" -that is, small but widespread cracks that drip water continuously.
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29 causes of depression can be many and widespread. But one cause many of us have to cope with is work.
30 a more apt description may be the "if everyone else is doing it, how can it be wrong?" defence, for the practice seems to have been extremely widespread among Silicon Valley technology firms.