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1 While the term libertarian has been largely synonymous with anarchism, its meaning has more recently diluted with wider adoption from ideologically disparate groups, including both the New Left and libertarian Marxists (who do not associate with authoritarian socialists or a vanguard party) as well as extreme liberals (primarily concerned with civil liberties).
2 A major problem, which increases rapidly with wider adoption, is the risk of mid-air collisions.
3 This is impractical for the majority of people and so wider adoption will require computer systems to de-skill piloting.
4 Wider adoption of hydrofoils is prevented by the increased complexity of building and maintaining them.
5 As a result, it was not adopted by Apple for its smartphone and tablet devices, which also reduced its user base and encouraged wider adoption of HTML5 features such as the canvas and video elements, which can replace Flash without the need for plugins.
6 During the eighties CATIA saw wider adoption in the aviation and military industries with users such as Boeing and General Dynamics Electric Boat Corp... Dassault Systèmes purchased CADAM from IBM in 1992, and the next year CATIA CADAM was released.
7 While the hard disk drives quickly competed with other vendors' models, the interface variants were the de facto industry standard for personal computer hard disks until the advent and wider adoption of the IDE or ATA interface in the early 1990s.
8 Its effect was limited and it was to be another twenty years before such technology reached wider adoption in automobiles.