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1 Until recently, the official treatment policy for malaria was sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (sp). Chloroquine, however, is still widely used despite significant drug resistance.
2 That the publication be widely read by their peers within the discipline.
3 Her short stories are not widely read nowadays.
4 The committee comprises men of widely different views.
5 This week co-CEO Jim Balsillie, during a speech in Dubai, introduced a new innovation for the company's BlackBerry (RIMM) phone that has been widely ridiculed as not new and not innovative.
6 example, Steven Gerrard's winner at Bolton on Saturday was widely described as a volley, yet the ball bounced before he adjusted his body to lash it into the net.
7 Instead of just mandating checks on declared material, the new rules let inspectors go in at shorter notice; give them more information; and let them snoop more widely, with better techniques.
8 It's too expensive to use widely in industry or commerce, except for tiny amounts that go into people's mouths, wrap around their fingers, or hang from their ears.
9 These bizarre ideas are widely accepted by many theoretical physicists, but the problem is that they can't be tested - how do you examine an 11th dimension?
10 With the PRI well ahead in national opinion polls, Mr Peña is widely seen as the man most likely to inherit the presidential sash.
11 VANCOUVER, British Columbia - in this urban oasis widely considered one of the most livable places in the world, the Downtown Eastside is about 15 square blocks of something else.
12 Under Mr Medvedev United Russia, already widely thought of as a party of “thieves and crooks”, will lose more support.
13 Incineration of waste has been widely practised but inadequate incineration or the incineration of unsuitable materials results in the release of pollutants into the air and of ash residue.
14 Contrary to a widely reported "fact," meat typically contains less pesticide residue than plant-based foods, according to Debra Edwards, the director of EPA \ 's Office of pesticide Programs.
15 Though they are the largest and most widely scattered objects in the universe, galaxies do go bump in the night.
16 Spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper were just starting to be widely used, and dried exotic fruits like citron apricots and dates added sweetness and texture to the dessert tray.
17 So, while the tools can quickly summarize results, our guidelines allow teams to decide how widely those results are Shared.
18 They range widely in search of carrion.
19 Innovation is a decidedly tricky thing to measure. Patents are the most widely used yardstick, but they are an imperfect gauge of innovation at best.
20 In all of them his thinking was widely regarded at the outset as eccentric or worse.
21 only waffle weave bath towels widely available in the U.S. currently are manufactured in Europe, and are more expensive than American-made towels.
22 Versions of Kant's theory of moral duty, often called deontological theories, have been widely upheld and defended by philosophers up to and including the present day.
23 We also know that a widely used drug that treats acne, Accutane (isotretinoin), has been associated with an increase in depression, although no causal link has been established.
24 The speech made by the President was supported widely by the public.
25 Reduce the update threshold and increase the interval threshold to detect widely spaced soft knocks.
26 The treaty, which is now closed for signature, has 168 Signatories, including the European Community, which makes it one of the most widely embraced treaties in UN history.
27 Since most services are not widely marketed online, the BPP has to use proxy measures: it calculates health-care costs by weighting changes in the price of wages, energy and drugs.
28 More widely, Prof Jones has strong views on some of the pervading issues in business schools.
29 A drug already widely used in massive campaigns to help control two parasitic diseases, river blindness and elephantiasis, could also drive down malaria, a new study has found.
30 Other prisoners raise their hands when asked if they're members of "Khamees' battalion" — an allegation spread widely beyond the school's walls.