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No. sentence
1 Once you have done that, get another piece of paper out and write why you forgive them for each way that they hurt you.
2 Why do you suspect the truth of the information?
3 Very nice, but why should I use it?
4 So why else would they invest if not as an option to re-up in the next round?
5 Why not go to The Red Moon restaurant?
6 Of course, why should it?
7 Oceanlevels are rising around the globe, so rather than tethering ourbuildings to the sinking shoreline why not suit them for a life at sea?
8 Tethering inflationary expectations is vital under this regime, which is why central-bank credibility now matters so much.
9 But why do we expect so little from the US?
10 If movies and TV can be banned, why not novels?
11 Eng: Do you know why we fire the firecrackers in Spring Festival?
12 I suggest you have a private conversation with your husband about that-not about why your daughter confided in him and the boys, but about why she avoided you.
13 That is why I suggest the granule form to you.
14 That fits with the current understanding of what dreams are and why we have them.
15 end, I only have one big beef with office dreams and that is why we have to have them at all.
16 Why don't you speak up? I'm your father!
17 Why should I drop my past?
18 Hell, why not buy all of Manhattan?
19 I wonder why he tarried so long.
20 Why do we eat?
21 they noticed is that one of these women might receive 90 messages in a month where as the other only receives 30. Why?
22 I have. Which is why I love the concept of this calendar made of matches.
23 But why should I take all the risk and work for free?" you ask.
24 Why risk that nightmare all over again?
25 Why does the person not appear?
26 Why then have these problems only increased since that time?
27 real puzzle is not why volatility hassuddenly increased, but why it had been so low in the past year or so.
28 Rather than waiting to celebrate a big event, why not do it today?
29 Kim asks her mother why Jack had moved out.
30 Why do these limitations exist?