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whole in a sentence

91. The whole Earth mourned.

92. The whole Earth mourned.

93. That is the whole Torah.

94. That is the whole Torah;

95. View of the whole plant.

96. That's the whole point."

97. This is the whole Torah.

98. Whole Foods Market Inc.

99. Whole Foods Market Inc.

100. That's the whole point.

101. whole and without mark.

102. View of the whole tree.

103. aquaculture as a whole.

104. Committee of the Whole.

105. Committee of the Whole;

106. Value of the whole 40s.

107. The whole thing stinks.

108. shaking her whole body.

109. Three parts of a whole.

110. We cried the whole day.

111. That's the whole point!

112. Not the whole regiment.

113. I love the whole album.

114. The whole world knows."

115. an unforgettable whole.

116. Committee of the Whole;

117. That's the whole point.

118. It's a whole new world.

119. Committee of the Whole;

120. That's the whole thing.