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No. sentence
1 Of course I have nothing against Apple. If they say in advance no tethering, those who work on that should expect to be banned.
2 Who has taken my dictionary away?
3 Who ate all the algae?
4 The study looked at vegetarians, fish eaters and people who ate meat.
5 Morgiana obeyed, though with no little reluctance, and had a curiosity to see this man who ate no salt.
6 purists swear by Alphonsos, while those who like a bit more flesh and some juice go for the Malgova.
7 often have we heard of someone who is an excellent employee but treats his or her spouse like a piece of furniture?
8 I laughed, and repeated what she said to Keith who grinned.
9 Who gave you this authority?
10 He was a child who always rebelled against his teachers.
11 the Gentiles, who are not natural branches of the olive tree, have been grafted in their place.
12 Find strategies for getting through the urges — deep breathing, self massage, eating frozen grapes, walking around, exercising, calling a friend who will support you.
13 Those who are willing to go with me for the task subscribe here.
14 fruit of our lives may be visible only to those who live after us.
15 Those who sit down for meals eat better and often have more fruit and vegetables in their diets.
16 team at BLOSSOMS has set it up so that nearly anyone who thinks they have something valuable to share can do their part at educating the public.
17 He was one of the most famous scientists who questioned the space in the early years of the 20th century.
18 She execrated all who opposed her.
19 Someone hoodwinked my eyes and let me guess who she was.
20 The cows circled round the farmer who was bringing their food.
21 The one who carried a red flag walked ahead.
22 A farmer surnamed Wang, who thought up the unique idea, said most of his \ \ \ \ \ \ \ "milk watermelons \ \ \ \ \ \ \" have been booked in advance.
23 I just wish they would have implemented all the changes for the 2013 race and given people plenty of advance notice, rather than crushing those who thought they had finally reached their goal.
24 I firmly believe that just like for tethering it's operators who don't want to hear about podcasts.
25 Honours do not always go to those who merit them.
26 You should never deny assistance to those who need it.
27 Who got him to do that?
28 Who won the game?
29 I wonder who first thought of the idea.
30 Who set him on to do this piece of mischief?