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No. sentence
1 of a sickle moon shone cold and dim in the pond beyond my door, whilst a row of cherry trees, bare and denuded, trembled slightly in the frozen air.
2 new porcelain range includes a porcelain version of the best selling Cambridge and Sparta mug whilst also offering some eye catching shapes such as the Lancaster.
3 Whilst the social butterfly is out burning the midnight oil, we are in bed snuggled up with a good book relaxing before visiting a museum the following day.
4 of my friends, a school drop-out and champion World of Warcraft player, was talent spotted whilst playing by a Japanese technology firm.
5 Indeed, it is important to keep fit and healthy, whilst we all aspire to improve the way we look and feel in order to make good first and lasting impressions.
6 Gallas remained seated whilst his team-mates trudged off the field, their title hopes having suffered a blow, and only got to his feet when summoned by Wenger before continuing his angry tirade.
7 his three sons, his carpenter, and his servant, he fired upon the advancing ruffians, whilst his daughters rapidly reloaded the muskets.
8 A week ago, we discovered a new term, baoyu, whilst stranded in a Jiangxi county town in a torrential downpour, our third consecutive day of constant rain.
9 their heart is in the right place whilst they continue to kill, maim and displace millions of innocent civilians in the Middle East.
10 You can avoid these outages by defining the queue on other queue managers in the cluster, so that whilst migrating one queue manager, applications can use the alternate queues.
11 Ashley Cole was a promising forward in the Arsenal youth team, whilst Lauren had impressed for Mallorca as a ball-playing midfielder.
12 A study which explores the interaction between consumption of low and high GI foods, whilst including a fasted group, would establish a better understanding of this increased mental capacity.
13 surface of some areas consists largely of high mountains and deep valleys whilst, in other areas, most of the surface consists of plains.
14 For near on half an hour Paul and I stood trying not to pick our noses or scratch our privates whilst in the glare of the spotlights in front of 700 people.
15 Whilst the HPROF and IBM system dump formats contain important additional data, this comes at the cost of additional disk space requirements.
16 The smallest looser 'open clusters' have only a few stellar members, whilst the largest tightly bound' globular clusters' have as many as several million stars.
17 If a person touches their mouth whilst speaking, it means they are lying.
18 I wanted did not belong to me by right and whilst it could not be refused tome in quite same way, we still have subtle punishments for anyone who insists on what they are and what they want.
19 surprise move came whilst The Pirate Bay is still awaiting trial in Sweden for charges of assisting in copyright infringement.
20 Targutai has usurped the tribe of Borjigin and named himself Khan, whilst Temujin, the rightful Khan of Borjigin , is in exile.
21 Take regular breaks - work diligently whilst you are at it, but after that put it aside.
22 So the clearer you are about who you are and what you stand for,the more power you will exert in the world, whilst remaining humble and as down to earth as you wish.
23 example that you often feel intimated by certain people whilst in their company.
24 Modules participate in a dynamic life cycle which includes the ability to add, update and remove modules at runtime, whilst preserving the state in the system.
25 This results in a tensile creation pleasing to the eye whilst adding a new dimension to your existing structure.
26 Another has a hinge which becomes tighter and tighter to open when you have less money whilst a third vibrates every single time you use it.
27 Whilst this overhead cannot be avoided completely, future releases of AJDT and the AspectJ compiler will focus on reducing it.
28 When it comes to cameras, budding snappers have long struggled with the impracticality of the big guns, whilst grinding their teeth at the less-than-perfect picture quality of a compact.
29 it was only my whim,' he said; and, after a moment's hesitation: 'it was on account of a discovery I made some little time ago, whilst I was hunting up pedigrees for the new county history.
30 In these implicit scenes, young lovers lean against a bed whilst floating high above the city buildings. Its allegoric tension reminds us Marc Chagall's warm pictures of a space-time paradise.