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No. sentence
1 ideal nation would leave no room for what they saw as the twisted ethical code of Christianity, which they argued prized suffering and destructive self-repression.
2 He never switched off his TV, which always stayed on.
3 Once that protection is lost, and the integrity of the skin barrier disrupted, skin becomes dry - which means it can crack, peel, itch, burn, sting, or any combination," says Crutchfield.
4 The pound of flesh, which I demand of him dearly bought, it is mine, and I will have it.
5 The odour, which is usually strongest at night, is meant to attract pollinators such as carrion beetles and flesh flies.
6 He replayed the part of the tape in which Tom headed the ball into an open goal.
7 He traveled the city for a firm which makes furniture.
8 In my experience, some people think about you, which is nice.
9 tiger opened its mouth and grinned like a hungry god; which is how tigers grin.
10 ear is the sure clue to him: only a musician can understand the play of feeling which is the real rarity in his early plays.
11 consequence, the lasers have to be constructed separately and then grafted onto the chips, which is more expensive and time-consuming than building them directly on silicon would be.
12 You could even cut the branch on which the snake is, so the snake falls and not you.
13 In dynamic registration, only those resource managers which register with the transaction manager get involved in the transaction branch.
14 We may indeed graft living branch to living tree, or living part of animal or man to other living part, but it is not life with which we are working; it is form only.
15 On the boat, there was a heavy box at which he heaved onto.
16 Another option is to use frozen fruits, such as grapes and berries, which kids love to eat right out of the freezer.
17 In his spare time, which he had much of, he grew grapes on his property and fermented them in one of the outbuildings.
18 Those are channels through which the emotions might pour.
19 The fully-grown fruit (to use a more delicate expression) should be soft, brown and with a specific aroma which it acquires only by ripening for a few weeks.
20 I was playing a game the other day, in which you have to come up with fruit that starts with every letter of the alphabet.
21 My fingers lingered almost unconsciously on the familiar leaves and blossoms which had just come forth to greet the sweet southern spring.
22 They don't allow paring in this street, which is too narrow.
23 He was once on a cultural delegation which came to China.
24 The judge said that nothing could mitigate the cruelty with which the mother had treated her child.
25 Another enables tethering, or the ability to share the iPhone's Internet connection with a computer, something for which iPhone owners are supposed to pay AT&T an extra $20 a month.
26 Tethering inflationary expectations is vital under this regime, which is why central-bank credibility now matters so much.
27 Neurological examination and neurophysiological testing confirmed the presence of thoracic myelopathy, which may have been due to the wire tethering the thoracic spinal cord to the dorsal dura.
28 But its regulations were recently found wanting by the Delhi High Court, which then banned bags in markets and shops, as well as hotels, hospitals and malls.
29 I've given this some thought after an earlier column in which I wondered if children should be banned from flying.
30 We could not reason out which way the robbers escaped, because we were unable to find any trace of them.