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whereas in a sentence

61. Whereas, limitation is a statutory remedy.

62. whereas Adam was made from clay (7:12).

63. Whereas the Old English: cwen, lit.

64. whereas in Indonesian it is trenggiling;

65. whereas EP uses secção for both senses.

66. whereas the original was sung by Maria.

67. whereas all the rest remained still fast;

68. Whereas I have recorded some great books.

69. has, whereas in Cantonese it is silent.

70. whereas OR 6 continues to the northeast.

71. whereas on folio 4r, they are different.

72. Whereas the JP-8 only accepts 8 channels.

73. whereas, the novel is set in the 1930s.

74. whereas Brett Gallman of Oh, The Horror!

75. whereas as a citizen, Kauluma could not.

76. K, whereas. leading to a contradiction.

77. Lutherans make up 2.8 percent, whereas;

78. whereas Eunapius calls him an Egyptian.

79. Ojingeo is squid whereas Gochu is pepper.

80. Whereas he's someone selling televisions.

81. Whereas in competition, it is vice versa.

82. Whereas a decade ago it was the reverse.

83. 10 songs were cut, whereas 13 were added.

84. 4046 are male whereas 3687 are female.

85. Sagar means sea, whereas dighi is lake.

86. Whereas the specific epithets, refer to:

87. Whereas Sava Dahya, Devshi Dahya &

88. whereas it is rounded in V. atropilosa.

89. Male is nomadic, whereas female is not.

90. Males are 1920 whereas females are 1837.