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No. sentence
1 For example, a financial analyst would need to see financial data whereas a team member would not.
2 Women were able to rely on other friends, whereas many men depended on their wives for their social networks and so were devastated when they lost these ties.
3 However, it had to face political constraints in Iran and Iraq, whereas in the Caspian Basin could only succeed in finishing several projects in its own modest way.
4 Values between 1 to 127 are error numbers (shown in /usr/include/sys/errno.h), whereas between 128 to 512 are exceptions (shown in /usr/include/sys/m_except.h).
5 average incidence of Huize is 59%, whereas that of Zhaotong is 35%.
6 They want a house, whereas we would rather live in a flat.
7 Whereas an aspiration is the wish to be the fullest expression of who we really are.
8 Whereas these are conclusion reason to believe that.
9 A class and an interface differ: a class can have an actual instance of its type, whereas an interface must have at least one class to implement it.
10 We know that a form of selection occurs within our brains as we develop and learn - synaptic connections and pathways that work well are reinforced, whereas weak ones deteriorate.
11 Whereas animals such as elephants, dolphins, and whales have larger brains, humans have the most developed cerebrum.
12 But so is Germany, and its fertility has been declining for decades; whereas Ireland is not, and its population is growing.
13 Whereas he had initially discouraged pilgrimages to Thomas’s tomb, from 1174 on he led the devotion.
14 Whereas success at a typical company means climbing to one of a few top positions-and probably elbowing others aside in the process-partnerships provide a broader top to the pyramid.
15 unit of backup for offline database is the entire database, whereas the unit of backup for online backup is some or all table spaces.
16 can easily jump from one jurisdiction to another, whereas the authorities from different countries have yet to learn how to co-operate.
17 only do these microbes remove carbon dioxide from the air, they also grow quickly-some forms double in just 12 hours, whereas grasses and other large plants can take weeks or months to do so.
18 The LZR is only partially polyurethane, whereas the new suits are fully coated with the material.
19 This may create a problem because peppermint, with its menthol and derivatives, is an effective digestive aid whereas spearmint, which contains mainly carvone, is not.
20 For instance, consider that only a handful of varieties of potatoes dominate the current marketplace, whereas thousands of varieties were once available.
21 meat, he asserted, is too stringy, whereas the drumstick of a young chicken is" delicate and easy to chew.
22 For instance, some fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products may raise the pH of your urine, whereas meat products and cranberries may lower the pH of your urine.
23 He claims that only two drugs flights have landed there since, whereas "before it was like an international airport".
24 In this sense, DITA instructs the user about the system, whereas UI construction tools help instruct the system about the user, or adorn how the user sees the information about the system.
25 For example, metadata about a recorded song might include information about its artist, album, composer, length, or quality, whereas the data is the audio recording itself.
26 Whereas someone who wants to do you harm will probably do it again.
27 The first version might cause two full copies of the array, whereas the second causes no copying at all.
28 A legal judgment would require instant compliance, he warned, whereas a Congressional repeal would, he hoped, allow time for the military to adapt.
29 On rocky hillsides there are wooden huts and in wooded valleys, towns of brick. Arid uplands are irrigated and planted with leafy gardens, whereas, on fertile plains, the parks are paved with stone.
30 Node types are returned as integers, and allow you to handle each node appropriately; an element (type 1) has a name, but no value, whereas a text node (type 3) has a value but no name.