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No. sentence
1 Whenever I think of this humorous bit of wisdom, it reminds me to not take my life so seriously.
2 Shops are no longer allowed to push up their prices whenever they want.
3 Whenever it recognizes something in the document, it generates an event.
4 Remind yourself of this whenever you find yourself feeling anxious or insecure around those who have significantly more or less wealth than you do.
5 Whenever a car backfires, I have to coax them out from under the couch.
6 Would you tell Him that you will spend time with Him when you have time, or whenever you please, but not then?
7 Whenever they encountered difficulty, they posted a message to the appropriate newsgroup and received prompt responses.
8 But the takeaway is, whenever you found yourself whining about something, that likely is an opportunity for vision.
9 And when it does perform a thread switch, it tends to do it in the same place whenever you run the program.
10 Procrastination tends to occur whenever you have to stop and think.
11 'Whenever a profitable opportunity arises, there tends to be tons of money flowing into that sector, and increased supply results in compressed margins,' he said.
12 Whenever I feel blocked, I grab a notebook, and go to whatever nature I have close to me. It may be a park, the beach or whatever.
13 boil on my right arm rankled whenever I wrote.
14 You guest," he kept saying whenever I tried to protest.
15 Whenever I read things like that, I wonder how anyone correctly conforms to the spec.
16 Whenever we met with difficulties, they came to help us.
17 She ratted her hair whenever she went to big parties in the evening.
18 Whenever I'm hard up for money, he will empty his purse to help me.
19 All that information, all that content, right there for you whenever you want it?
20 I'm all on my own whenever that happens, because no one around me knows my other world - or the kind of person I am in my other world.
21 Whenever I feel like exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes.
22 Whenever we get money, he spends it on this stupid book.
23 use this value whenever we have to encrypt only the content.
24 Whenever something like this happens, of course, everyone wants to know why.
25 Herbert: Whenever I punch someone, I apologize.
26 Then, whenever we have a new data point, with an unknown output value, we put it through the model and produce our expected output.
27 This doesn't mean, however, that whenever you want to have something in bold or italics you should shoehorn it into these two tags.
28 Whenever he buys something, whether it be drinks or snacks, he remembers to share with his buddies.
29 One characteristic of serving God from your heart is effectiveness: whenever you do what God wired you to love to do, you get good at it.
30 Whenever arguments in the Oval Office heated up beyond reason, I would interrupt and say, You see that rock?