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No. sentence
1 The boy grinned from ear to ear when his mother gave him the apple.
2 She was paring an apple with a knife when I came in.
3 She twisted her ankle when she fell.
4 When you hear the word "yoga," do you think of a person with his legs twisted up like a pretzel?
5 He surfed her car to force her stop the car when she drove off.
6 His friends fell off one by one when he was in adversity.
7 She huffed off the house when her mother scolded her.
8 He unconsciously switched a tree with his cane when he talked to her.
9 One of the uncertainties of military duty is that you never know when you might suddenly get posted away.
10 She always clears away quickly when we have finished eating.
11 at minus 45c, even wearing glasses gets tricky: the metal sticks to your cheeks and will tear off chunks of flesh when you decide to remove them.
12 Your mother will bawl you out when she sees this mess.
13 Mary sang very well when duetting with Jane.
14 The little boy looks very funny when he knots his eyebrows.
15 Then when you start combining the use of transaction management and compensations with your business processes, you have some real nice abstractions to work with as you develop your applications.
16 Please do not disturb us when we are working.
17 They grinned with pleasure when I gave them the candy.
18 When he saw my face, he grinned and knew he was safe," she said.
19 When he walked past the couple, he raised a thumb and gave the boy a smile, as if they were conspiring comrades; the boy, caught off guard, grinned disarmingly before turning his face away.
20 It must be pretty potent stuff because when he pulled the cork out, his eyes crossed and he grinned from ear to ear.
21 He looked aside when I spoke to him.
22 When they began to talk about him he pricked his ears.
23 Her eyes blazed when she saw him cheating.
24 His head swung when he talked to me.
25 He jumped with joy when he heard the good news.
26 He was dozing in the hammock when I called.
27 The champagne cork popped when he pulled it out.
28 When rolling down the hill, he snatched at a rock.
29 He was reading the plays of Shakespeare when I met him in the library the other day.
30 When you called me, we were schmoozing.