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wet rocks in a sentence

1. These fish have a suction disk on their bellies that allows them to cling to the wet rocks behind and adjacent to the waterfall.

2. It feeds on flowers of herbs and small bushes and also rarely on birds' droppings and wet rocks for minerals.

3. I. semipalmata breeds and lays clutches of eggs on wet rocks and the bark of fallen trees during the monsoon season.

4. Breeding takes place on wet rocks.

5. It breeds on wet rocks, and the tadpoles are found on wet rock surfaces next to streams.

6. It breeds on wet rocks, and the tadpoles are found on wet rock surfaces next to streams.

7. The tadpoles stay outside water, feeding above wet rocks.

8. Eggs are laid on wet rocks close to torrential streams and waterfalls, and the tadpoles develop on the rocks, out of the water.

9. Tadpoles live on wet rocks out of water.

10. Nothophryne broadleyi breeds on wet rocks beside mountain streams.

11. Its habitat is the banks of streams, wet rocks, and the forest floor at higher altitudes.

12. It is found close to fast flowing mountain streams, in seepage areas, on moist forest floors and on wet rocks.

13. It is a largely aquatic species and occurs in fast flowing mountain streams, under boulders and on wet rocks beside waterfalls.

14. The tadpoles are semi-terrestrial and are sometimes found on wet rocks beside torrents.

15. The underside of the body, including the jaw, has small hooks, which help the frogs climb over wet rocks near their habitats.

16. It grows as a lithophyte on wet rocks in between mosses.

17. U. albocaerulea grows as a terrestrial plant in damp soil and on wet rocks.

18. U. macrocheilos grows as a terrestrial plant among wet rocks at medium altitudes.

19. U. micropetala grows as a terrestrial plant among wet rocks at altitudes up to 1,500 m (4,921 ft).

20. U. moniliformis grows as a lithophyte on wet rocks at altitudes from 750 m (2,461 ft) to 2,300 m (7,546 ft).

21. U. jackii grows among wet rocks at higher altitudes (around 2,200 m (7,218 ft)) or sometimes in evergreen forests.

22. U. malabarica grows over wet rocks or lateritic soils in the presence of Eriocaulon species and grasses.

23. growing on wet rocks in eastern Australia, often seen near waterfalls.

24. It is common on the banks of rivers, streams and ditches and also grows in wet woodland, marshes and on wet rocks.

25. In Singapore, Nostoc commune is found growing on alkaline soils, in brackish water, in paddy fields, on cliffs and on wet rocks.

26. It grows near waterfalls and on wet rocks and in wet meadows on the islands of São Jorge, Pico, Faial, Corvo and Flores.

27. males are mostly seen while calling from the wet rocks or moss-covered boulders.

28. It is found in freshwater systems and can grow in swamps, boggy areas, and wet rocks.

29. Commonly, it is found walking on wet rocks, rather than submerged like water scavenger beetles that live in similar habitats.

30. Oil-wet rocks preferentially imbibe oil.