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No. sentence
1 The coat sits well on you.
2 Yeah, well, we hope we are doing a bit more than that.
3 Well, yes, a bit.
4 Tom constantly brags about how well he plays table tennis.
5 We need a piece of canvas that weathers well.
6 This well gives back the sound of your voice.
7 This wool knits up well.
8 He played this old man very well.
9 If the dictionary is properly marketed, it should sell very well.
10 Mary sang very well when duetting with Jane.
11 She managed the household very well.
12 He reacted well to penicillin.
13 Anger well up within him.
14 Of course, being vegetarian does not protect you from growthagents in watermelons or fake grapes, so many of the new-wave vegetarians goorganic as well.
15 Explain to the child that certain food items such as chocolate and grapes can be poisonous to pets, as well as certain plants and household cleaning products.
16 It well assorts with her character.
17 The building tones (in) well with the surroundings.
18 The armchair blends well with the colour of the carpet.
19 If you buy fruit canned in syrup, rinse it before eating. - we do this one as well.
20 We might as well bunk down in this hotel.
21 An early start will get us well ahead before the crowds.
22 The knife cuts very well.
23 Everyone came out well in the wedding photograph except the bridegroom.
24 He suspected that man must be well over fifties.
25 The woman put forward a red silk as well as a blue one for our inspection.
26 course I wish both of you well.
27 Setting up these systems also requires some downtime or restarting of the servers, so you will want to plant for it well in advance.
28 The port can be used for trickle charging as well as for modem tethering to a computer.
29 They expect to do well in the election.
30 But its regulations were recently found wanting by the Delhi High Court, which then banned bags in markets and shops, as well as hotels, hospitals and malls.