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weighting in a sentence

1. these weighting factors vary from 1 (beta &

2. overall similarity and equal weighting

3. Diver weighting systems have two functions;

4. Light-weighting is not limited to plastic alone;

5. (see A-weighting).

6. The weighting of the final exam also varies.

7. See Present usage of 468-weighting.

8. Their implied weighting cladogram is shown below.

9. today referred to as the time-weighting.

10. Z-Weighting represents the actual sound produced.

11. Once computed the weighting table remains static.

12. For the weighting function.

13. It uses free-float market cap weighting.

14. But B-weighting has since fallen into disuse.

15. This can be done in several ways such as weighting.

16. C-weighting is used to measure peak levels.

17. This weighting stayed constant till the Mega-Final.

18. Each of these elements carry a 25% weighting.

19. Below is sample of common index weighting methods.

20. They are the same except for the weighting.

21. Large #1-#2 steers weighting 849-899 pounds.

22. There is no weighting by volume applied.

23. This mechanism is called attentional weighting.

24. Weighting updated to 30 December 2016.

25. There is no weighting for level of competition;

26. Weighting systems are usually very reliable.

27. The weighting keys are f1 and f2:

28. Priorities are introduced by weighting tasks.

29. After the weighting they may enter the territory.

30. Barite is one of the weighting materials.