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No. sentence
1 He blinked at the weight of the players.
2 He was crowned heavy weight boxing champion.
3 The roof will not bear the strain of its weight.
4 To get your weight down, you must keep off fattening foods.
5 He'll be dead by 40 if he doesnt lose some weight.
6 If a test marginally passes, but some things dont fully work, you can say 70% pass, 30% fail by using the weight sliders.
7 Air not only occupies space but it also has weight.
8 As I slumped under the weight of my defeat, a small man put his hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eye, and said in that wonderful raspy voice, that's all right.
9 The temporary weight descends, may invite more serious rebound.
10 short weight in that store.
11 Some English vowel sounds which are not given weight in speech become reduced to a rather formless central vowel.
12 I give no weight to the opinion of others, then"?
13 weight of the books bears on the shelf.
14 process stripped protons and neutrons from the bismuth atoms, lowering the atoms' weight to that of gold atoms.
15 London certainly has the bars and drinking culture but it is also a city that has influenced other cities and continues to punch above its weight in the arts.
16 Next he asks her weight - 100 pounds.
17 The general calculation for working out your metabolism is to multiply your weight in pounds by 10 or your weight in kilograms by 22.
18 Carreon says her husband often called her names, ridiculed her weight and legal status, said she was crazy, and destroyed or trashed her personal belongings.
19 The towers, not only ground the buildings with their visual weight, but they also contribute to the rigor of rhythmic play needed in such expansive internal Spaces and environment.
20 Among rats with 24-hour access to high-fructose corn syrup, the females gained more weight but the males did not.
21 data indicated that insects grow more rapidly, and they emit less carbon dioxide per unit of weight gained than do cattle and pigs.
22 Extra birth weight might not be the only change many of these infants face.
23 She tried to reduce her weight.
24 shoulder pole creaked under the weight of the luggage.
25 You have nothing to lose, except some weight.
26 Frequently update your product roadmaps to make them an effective communication tool rather than a contractual weight - at a minimum once a quarter, but I prefer monthly.
27 The booth bone is characterized by the high intensity, light weight, convenient, corrosion preventive and can be mounted and dismounted conveniently, and etc.
28 is now the turn of sheep, a sterner challenge because their legs have more weight to sustain.
29 also true that Bogdan is a bit chubby, and thus some of the weight of the spoons and other objects on his chest is actually resting on the upper part of his protruding stomach.
30 From other angles it seems to be under a Herculean strain, as if fighting to support the enormous weight of the cantilevered floors above.