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No. sentence
1 It took three bulldozers a week to level off the site.
2 Your son has stayed away from me for a week.
3 They captured this city from the enemy last week.
4 He reanimated a drowned child last week.
5 She and Gilbert had come up for the funeral of his father and Anne had stayed for a week. Marilla and Mrs. Lynde could not bear to have her go away too soon.
6 They cocktailed once every week.
7 Hardly a week passes without someone publishing a book on the subject. Most are rubbish.
8 They waived that problem aside last week.
9 They closed the deal in sugar after a week of negotiation.
10 Last week, we showed you how to wirelessly stream live TV content from an HD antenna to your laptop.
11 She kept her sister's children for a week while she was ill.
12 We'll have to get this pamphlet out before next week.
13 one week he walked west.
14 This magazine will discontinue next week.
15 They will carry on their negotiations next week.
16 So this week when I noticed all those undiscovered pictures were set to be tagged, I shrugged and rolled over.
17 We spent a week following a launch of a satellite for a Japanese cartoon channel.
18 This week, we remember all the victims of al Qaeda and the courage and resilience with which their families and fellow citizens have persevered, from the Middle East to Europe, from Africa to Asia.
19 mood was jubilant last week as the Burundi government signed a ceasefire deal with its last remaining rebel group, the National Liberation Forces (FNL).
20 Our shop has made [entered into] a contract with a clothing firm to buy 100 coats a week.
21 A new product will debut next week.
22 This week the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruled that Boeing, its American rival, is also a guzzler of illegal handouts.
23 So you might want to go back to the handouts last week and note that this week's handout will have that one on as well.
24 This week with the spirit of these wonderful holidays all around you find inspiration.
25 That's why a report issued this week by the Trustees who oversee Medicare was such good news.
26 Try not to lend or borrow money this week.
27 As a painting it didn't really stand out, because there were an awful lot of paintings in the house, "Alec Cobbe told me this week."
28 In New Zealand, an unidentified toxic algae was blamed this week for causing the deaths of two dogs on beaches in Auckland.
29 She met with her every week at a local church.
30 In one week, we'll take these Numbers and use some techniques to carefully evaluate what they really mean - and how you can make them count for more than you think.