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1 He managed to recover the contents of both websites, but what lessons are to be learned from this event?
2 If you want to start an international collaboration for a new software product, you can easily do it by starting a project on one of the many project hosting Websites and advertise for collaborators.
3 Taobao seems to be one of the most surfed shopping websites among online shoppers.
4 The idea of including TripAdvisor content on hotel-owned websites has not been universally taken up given the risks associated with potential customers finding a stinging review and going elsewhere.
5 They would be dominated not by the best, most relevant and helpful websites, but by whatever businesses cracked the mystery code and slid their site onto page one.
6 ScienceDaily (Aug. 20, 2010) — The first incarnation of the web was composed of static websites that linked to each other and search engines to help you find sites of interest.
7 When I tried to do so and you were not stocking "Toms" shoes that my daughter wanted, your agent did send me to two other websites as Andi had promised in the tour she would do.
8 key challenge for enterprises is that they need to certify their websites, apps and add-ons each time Firefox is updated.
9 If you intend to create your own personal websites or perhaps redesign your blog theme, it's not something too hard already.
10 These types of websites offer all sorts of medical and health related information, including an in depth analysis of early pregnancy symptoms.
11 Extrapolate this to websites, products or whatever matters to you and the power of simplicity should be obvious.
12 The recognition engine automatically pinpointed unique landmarks by sifting through 42 million images from photo-sharing websites Picasa and Panoramio, as well as online travel guides.
13 Previously, we used personal websites to tell the world about our hobbies and pets.
14 You "Like" or "Recommend" articles you read on websites, trying to alert your friends to them.
15 If you ever lose your rankings you can still survive by getting traffic from your network of relevant cross promoted websites.
16 After that series a guy who ran one of those websites got in touch.
17 Net neutrality is the principle that all Internet traffic - content, platforms, and websites - should be treated equally by the networks that deliver them.
18 In the project, people around the world downloaded an agent program and allowed their computers to be used for testing the capacity and performance of websites.
19 impossibly difficult and expensive for the average consumer to use music legally in podcasts, on websites, in remixes, or in public speeches for example.
20 Rupert Murdoch said he expected that all of his websites would charge users for access within a year, despite his previous commitment that only some sites would experiment with such charges.
21 same as websites, apps often go through growth spurts of one kind or another.
22 If they are to sell directly to the audience they will have to become technology firms, building apps and much slicker websites than they have now, which anticipate what customers might want to watch.
23 Another reason why apps have proved popular is that, unlike websites, they do not need a constant connection to the Internet.
24 In this post we've compiled some of the best apps and websites that have come out recently.
25 is one of the better ‘lookers’ in the class of free audio book websites. Perhaps, because it’s about ‘iSoaps’ or fictionalized stories delivered in episodes daily.
26 We are seeing more websites use large, high-impact images to draw users in and create an immersive experience.
27 By producing XHTML5 for browsers, you make it easier for others to extract information from your websites and applications.
28 Now, with increased screen resolutions and the advent of grid layouts, more designers are adapting this method to the web to make websites easier to use and to fit in more content.
29 Google has had a similar modest attempt by offering the page Speed Service which optimizes provider's websites delivering pages out of their own servers, but without much success.
30 There it is: a feast of pirated television on file-sharing websites, found for you by the world's most powerful search engine.