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No. sentence
1 But both teams have since announced that the signals have weakened, although they have not ruled out its existence within that range.
2 Her weakened body cannot be easily vitalized.
3 If, as the protesters demand, this patronage system were ended, Mr Assad's hand would be severely weakened.
4 Fresh produce can sometimes cause serious and even fatal infections particularly in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.
5 As for rewriting nuclear rules, some governments will resist using the NPT conference to strengthen the badly weakened treaty on the ground that the nuclear powers have still not done enough.
6 Neglecting these core principles have weakened the US and strengthened Asian economies, he noted.
7 It has becomes the main reason for making interest-rate management mechanism rigescent, conducting the mechanism weakened and the interest rate structure contorted.
8 They thought these groups would be weakened and eventually would come back into the legal fold and surrender their weapons.
9 robust young pitcher performed with his usual vigor for seven innings, but he weakened in the eighth and was removed from the game.
10 Yet if he were to meet all of the protesters' demands, his regime might be fatally weakened.
11 The economy was struggling before the uprising, which started in March, but eight and a half months of chaos have weakened it still further.
12 Their cries reached me weakened and indistinct and, leaning my forehead against the cool glass, I looked over at the dark house where she lived.
13 Disease will likely kill you before you starve, due to your body's weakened state.
14 The flood weakened the dam.
15 also quickly became entwined with the interests of local groups who had little interest in reform, and made unwise decisions that weakened their rule.
16 At this stage, the tooth can repair the weakened area with the help of fluoride and minerals in saliva.
17 In Arafat's eyes, Barak's unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon and his offer to withdraw from the Golan had weakened him.
18 The dollar weakened against the euro and sterling ahead of the jobs data and commodity futures, which are priced in dollars, advanced.
19 The weakened battery was no longer discharging.
20 The arguer’s conclusion that the first set of respondents misrepresented their reading habits is critically weakened by this possibility.
21 The opposition she joined was tiny, mostly confined to a few parishes in the Protestant church, heavily infiltrated by the Stasi and weakened by the systematic exile of its leaders to the West.
22 He weakened as the illness grew worse.
23 The bill would permit the Treasury secretary to acquire mortgage-related assets either in auctions or direct purchases, and if they are short of capital, to put equity into weakened institutions.
24 But unfortunately, the scar tissue traps plaque and white blood cells which can form into blockages, blood clots, and hardened, weakened arteries.
25 is worrying because an infection that could cause just a stomachache in a healthy person could hospitalize or even kill those with weakened immune systems.
26 Any in form European top side would be expected to struggle away to Bosnia and the way I see it, it will be extremely difficult for this formless, weakened French side to avoid losing this match.
27 Indian raids" also weakened any hopes of defense and unification, and gradually the population of the colony declined.
28 And so that desire might be weakened by aversive visceral factors, like pain.
29 Surviving cattle, weakened by drought, will drown or die of cold.
30 city's infrastructure weakened then, and during the run of aftershocks since, many of its newer buildings toppled this time-as did the spire of Christchurch's iconic Anglican cathedral.