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No. sentence
1 We should learn by the mistakes of others.
2 We argued with them about the new law.
3 We drew out the secret from him.
4 We all believe the story to be true.
5 We say of an apple that it is round and red.
6 We have reached out to Apple for comment on this file but we have not heard back at the time of publishing.
7 We have worked with Apple for quite a while.
8 We all desire happiness and health.
9 We battled with our enemies and defeated them.
10 We should parent children with both love and discipline.
11 We should right the poor and the oppressed.
12 We boxed the house and garden in with fences.
13 you mind backing off a bit, Sir, while we clear this wreck out of the way?
14 Yeah, well, we hope we are doing a bit more than that.
15 But I am lucky because we did get a little bit of the tsunami but nothing like what they got up north.
16 They understand the data far better than we do, so a little bit of effective collaboration with them can dramatically reduce overall development costs.
17 here that we dossed down for our first night in the forest.
18 The old truck jogged us up and down for an hour before we arrived.
19 To harness our brains, we want to let the brain's brilliant mechanisms run as intended-i.e., not to be twisted.
20 We leased an apartment from the school.
21 We are off for a while.
22 We should let the steam off the boiler.
23 Now the hard winter has gone, we can cast off our winter clothing.
24 We railed off our paddyfield from the railroad.
25 was reduced to a kind of nibbled cheese rind, and it always disappeared before we expected it to.
26 She always clears away quickly when we have finished eating.
27 Now we raised a ship far away on the horizon.
28 Today, 166 years later, we are still suffering from the problems that were already correctly diagnosed by Robert Peel.
29 If you believe what you read in the newspaper about us, we have one foot in the pail of bankruptcy and the other foot on a banana peel, and there's a high wind.
30 We talked until midnight and then separated.