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No. sentence
1 you mind backing off a bit, Sir, while we clear this wreck out of the way?
2 They tunnelled their way into an underground palace.
3 The way the man ate lent colour to his story of near starvation.
4 This was simply used to slowly tear the flesh from its victim, often times all the way down to the bone.
5 A large rock jutted out little way into the water.
6 Once you have done that, get another piece of paper out and write why you forgive them for each way that they hurt you.
7 Let me represent my ideas to you in another way.
8 His compositions, mainly for the piano, were groundbreaking for the way they grafted a new expressiveness and passion onto older musical forms.
9 Consider the way from the grafted plants, we set two purposes two epidermis.
10 We all have those constant burdens to bear, each in our own way.
11 A short way off stood the dining hall,where I found a tree hearing snore-white blossoms so graceful and soft to the touch,Viewed together from the distance, they were as beautiful as a bridal veil.
12 was foolish to endanger your life in that way.
13 They have razed those buildings to make way for the new highway.
14 We could not reason out which way the robbers escaped, because we were unable to find any trace of them.
15 At last the engine of my car sputtered out on the way to the border.
16 The revival of Penang was already under way in 2008, but Mr Eng's new policies have helped it along.
17 May: Yeah, I like her way of teaching.
18 haptic" refers to the process of touching and the way in which we communicate by touch, particularly by using our fingers and hands to explore our surroundings.
19 However, there may finally be a way around this: sew the antenna into clothing.
20 They sit quietly while he makes his way across the stage to his chair.
21 While some of us may know more about this than others, it is a fact of life, and there is no way around it.
22 Once being in danger of life, he would hit on the way to escape.
23 The tyres bite into the snow and we were on our way.
24 In older movies, there are plenty of lawyers who argue against prejudice, the way Gregory Peck did as Atticus Finch in "To Kill a Mockingbird" (1962).
25 I go to give him a kiss - just a peck - and he veers off, jerking his head out of the way like a nervous racehorse, too late to alter my trajectory and pretend I was aiming for his cheek.
26 The ancient way to settle a quarrel was to choose a leader from each side and let them fight it out.
27 A bicycle brushed past me in a very rude way.
28 novelist and agent gave me their impressions of the device and how it will, if at all, change the way readers consume books.
29 That country is way ahead in most important aspects of space technology.
30 With technical details of the security system already circulating on the Internet, instructions for cracking it will almost certainly make their way into the computer underground.