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wavelengths in a sentence

1. I, J, H, and K cover the near-infrared wavelengths;

2. Deep waves have depths greater than ½ their wavelengths.

3. radians) where N wavelengths corresponds to φ

4. Wavelengths must not affect human eyes.

5. At wavelengths of 30 meters to 3 meters (10–100 MHz).

6. Light of other wavelengths are reflected or scattered.

7. X-ray astronomy uses X-ray wavelengths.

8. The VLT operates at visible and infrared wavelengths.

9. light beams of different wavelengths.

10. The effect diminishes for longer wavelengths.

11. It does not say anything about other wavelengths.

12. Solar radiation contains variety of wavelengths.

13. There are generally 2 wavelengths, 638 and 650nm.

14. The fading is less pronounced at longer wavelengths.

15. It complements VLA at the metre-wavelengths.

16. The wavelengths are approximate;

17. It is invisible at optical wavelengths.

18. For example, Ba emits in blue wavelengths.

19. Its energy is emitted mostly at infrared wavelengths.

20. For multiple wavelengths the same is true;

21. there can be plots at multiple bands or wavelengths.

22. These wavelengths work best for line-of-sight.

23. Progress at X-ray wavelengths was then quick.

24. they find that some wavelengths have simply disappeared.

25. It is visible at radio, optical and x-ray wavelengths.

26. This was done for two different wavelengths.

27. DHM refers only to wavelengths for height measurement.

28. The system is also bright at radio wavelengths.

29. One might say they operate on different wavelengths;

30. You have negative wavelengths.