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No. sentence
1 One extreme heat wave or drought, of course, is not definitive proof of climate change.
2 This finding is similar to observations in Thailand, where a seawall at Patong Beach caused a splash-up of the tsunami wave and buildings behind it only suffered modest structural damages.
3 full social impact of the recession will kick in after the summer, when a first wave of jobless run out of unemployment pay and start receiving less generous welfare handouts.
4 first wave of jobless run out of unemployment pay and start receiving less generous welfare handouts.
5 But similar occurrences in Norway, where fjords are plentiful, never produced a wave remotely close to the size of this one.
6 Our boat righted again after the big wave had passed.
7 Nevertheless, she was soon confronted with a wave of criticism, some of it vulgar, saying she had no appreciation for the arts.
8 But we do have an interpretation for wave function squared.
9 But if it stalls, a wave of even angrier protest may well erupt in September.
10 A huge wave swept the boat away.
11 giant Tsunami wave that devastated the northeast coast of Japan wiped out the region's coastal fishing industry, and cut the country's total seafood production by a quarter.
12 Investors are recognizing social networking as the next major wave of Internet companies, he says. he also notes that one no longer rings the NYSE bell, one pushes a button that makes a bell sound.
13 expanding shock wave traveled into the surroundings and a reverse shock was driven back in toward the remnants of the star.
14 took the breast-Moses' share of the ordination ram-and waved it before the Lord as a wave offering, as the Lord commanded Moses.
15 Orchard without precaution will suffer heavy loss in case cold wave occyrs.
16 you can see that as the fed's balance sheet has swelled, so too have stocks and gold surfed the wave of cash.
17 For about a generation, the U.S. surfed on a growing wave of debt.
18 Wave on wave of the audience entered into the theatre.
19 It railed against the Federal Reserve's second wave of quantitative easing, launched in November, for pushing up prices around the world.
20 Yet under the petting of the affectionateness in spring of the South, I went so far as to drunk silly in the water wave by the lakeside.
21 If it ends great, it means both of you want more. If it ends otherwise, the next thing to do is to wave goodbye.
22 Endris lived for the adrenaline rush that came with outracing a roaring wave, the cold salty spray stinging his face as he barreled underneath the curving white water.
23 a catchy tune about eight oranges; then they counted off one by one while throwing up their arms in a wave.
24 Moreover, the reason that Mach 4 oblique shock wave is asymmetric is conjectured.
25 the strongest cold wave so far this winter.
26 In Washington, a heat wave sweeping the East Coast is pushing temperatures into triple digits.
27 Some peaceniks argue that Israel is another Middle Eastern country directly threatened by the wave of democracy emanating from Tunisia, sweeping Egypt and lapping at Jordan.
28 glass and steel skyline of Hong Kong Island's business district gleamed, and wave upon wave of modern apartment buildings jutted from Kowloon's rolling hills like space-age dragon 's dentures.
29 He says the scene resembles California's Silicon Valley 15 years ago, when the first wave of entrepreneurs paved the way for the new wave of dot-com era entrepreneurs.
30 my son on my back and swam to a piece of wood, but my son disappeared after being hit by a huge wave.