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washed in a sentence

1. washed their feet;

2. It washed out in the 1920s.

3. Washed and stemmed plum.

4. Scrat is then washed away.

5. The game was washed out.

6. What well-washed villages!

7. it was later washed away.

8. they wash as he washed;

9. Rain washed out practice.

10. Topsoil was washed away.

11. My clothes can be washed.

12. washed clean of sin;

13. It washed away in 1780.

14. White washed village.

15. The streets were washed.

16. acid washed kero;

17. many roads were washed out.

18. In the US, eggs are washed.

19. The match was washed out;

20. Homes are washed out.

21. Washed out bridge.

22. HAL HT-2 being washed.

23. Cloths were washed;

24. Again, it was washed away.

25. her decks washed a-lea.

26. "washed-out look;"

27. It has since washed away.

28. Most were white-washed.

29. My sins were washed away!

30. one road was washed out.