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No. sentence
1 If warranted, steps such as restricting the consumption of vegetables and dairy products produced in the vicinity of the power plant can also reduce exposure.
2 high organic content of dredged soil, its ability to adsorb various contaminants such as heavy metals warranted an investigation of its use in clay liner of landfill.
3 If the ratio of broad to base money were constant, such fears would be warranted.
4 Other roles you create cannot differentiate between anonymous users and authenticated users, so some auditing of permissions for these essential roles is likely warranted.
5 In the first study, 33 men and 33 women completed online diaries for 12 days, describing instances in which they apologized to someone or did something that might have warranted an apology.
6 But even if the WFP has been misled into giving an inflated estimate of the dangers, "food aid may nonetheless be warranted." the evidence is that some North Koreans do indeed risk starving.
7 But again some scepticism is warranted. Rising divorce rates and a growth in casual dating were apparent well before the first online matchmaking sites came into being.
8 donor intentionally omitted to inform the donee of the defect or warranted the absence of any defect, thereby causing loss to the donee, he shall be liable for damages.
9 But in some cases it's warranted to have an external DSL that can be interacted with.
10 Forbes will periodically review the list to determine whether a replacement is warranted and will scratch off those fugitives who are put out of action.
11 Of course, suctioning is always warranted when the airway is clearly obstructed.
12 Male social equals called each other by their surnames, sometimes (but certainly not always) moving on to first names when the moment warranted it.
13 It now appears evident that at least some scepticism is warranted.
14 cover, which included cutouts for mustaches and badges, eventually warranted its own legend for disciples who just love to Geek The Beatles.
15 Further research is warranted to tease out whether mood or medication use is the primary driver of this phenomenon or whether there may be a synergistic effect at play.
16 The cost of intervention is warranted only to save the rest of the economy from the financiers' folly.
17 ruler full of the spirit of improvement is warranted in the use of any expedients that will attain an end, perhaps otherwise unattainable.
18 severe diarrhea, parenteral administration of fluids and electrolytes is warranted.
19 Quixote reminds usThat if we trust only whenTrust is warranted, love onlyWhen love is returned, learnOnly when learning is valuable,We abandon an essential feature of our humanness.
20 Some civil engineers are sceptical about whether such instrumentation is warranted.
21 If this is not the case, then this option is less warranted, and the entire system can be placed either entirely behind the DMZ, or inside the DMZ.
22 fine furniture, arranged AS soothingly AS the artistic perception of the occupants warranted.
23 Polar Snow or torrid sun, like a patent chronometer, his interior vitality was warranted to do well in all climates.
24 Further research is warranted on additional locally available emollients, use of emollients in community-based Settings and generalizability to other geographic regions.
25 The religious parties were in the middle, inclined to the nationalists but always ready to negotiate with the peaceniks if the parliamentary arithmetic warranted it.
26 BPP score of 4 usually indicates that delivery is warranted.
27 If you're developing a new application or have ample resources to localize an existing application, by all means, don't be afraid to be more aggressive if it is warranted.
28 But in fact warranted confidence in our programs.
29 But they still said mobile phone use warranted continued follow up to ensure cancers were not developing over the longer term, and to see what the effect was in children.
30 Hillary Clinton was heavily criticised for her work in her husband's administration, and while she has turned out to be a brilliant elected politician, some of that was probably warranted.