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No. sentence
1 few people know about him is that he has left behind a trail of emotional destruction, having spent decades abusing vulnerable individuals for his own twisted purposes.
2 China's missile might be vulnerable, some experts say, to America's newest Aegis intercept missiles, which are launched from ships. But a different type of countermeasure could be even more effective.
3 And, searching for the function "gets" — a notoriously insecure string operation — can reveal programs that are likely vulnerable to a memory overflow, said Veracode's Wysopal.
4 Not only network is vulnerable, any piece of software is.
5 Because our "modern" wool-bearers are extremely vulnerable to the elements without their wool, many sheep die of exposure shortly after being denuded.
6 Meanwhile, tightening and policing these sentences takes money; so would giving more support to prisoners leaving custody and specialised treatment outside prison for vulnerable offenders.
7 Small businesses which rely on postal delivery and payment by cheque are particularly vulnerable if postmen hang up their bags; many are looking at alternatives.
8 But for me, it is also the most vulnerable.
9 What makes smart girls more vulnerable, and less confident, when they should be the most confident kids in the room?
10 Communicating at this level means we offer someone the most vulnerable part of ourselves.
11 The usual impulse would be to protect the most vulnerable. But in this case, it seems, everyone needs concern, even the abuser.
12 But this unconscious control system is vulnerable to blips, particularly when we are stressed or have lots of things on our minds, Wegner said.
13 But you have to be very alert when you are at your most vulnerable when you are depressed or feeling isolated.
14 Others live in permanent insecurity, and have many fears and anxieties that make them dependent and vulnerable to the judgments of others.
15 But when it passes through your elbow joint, the nerve is particularly close to the skin-making it a vulnerable target.
16 That makes Shenzhen more engaged in innovation than Brazil or Russia, but far less than Japan or Israel, and thus more vulnerable to competition.
17 Clearly this currency structure of assets and liabilities makes its net international investment position very vulnerable to any devaluation of the dollar against the renminbi.
18 How can one fail to realize that in this vulnerable universe everything that is human and solely human assumes a more vivid meaning?
19 Another issue the book raises is that people, often the most vulnerable, live in risky areas not because they are fatalistic or myopic, but to be closer to work.
20 Obama was "a vulnerable man who will not be able to stop the war, as he promised, but instead he will drag it to the maximum possible extent," the message said.
21 The transition from exclusive breastfeeding to full use of family foods is a very vulnerable period.
22 You see this sad, vulnerable little girl come out.
23 Widows, orphans, disabled people, migrant workers, and other vulnerable groups have been especially affected, as they have limited resources to cope with the problems created by the tsunami.
24 Our ladies are very vulnerable,' she tells me shortly before the meeting starts.
25 Despite great countermeasures, the power grid is still vulnerable.
26 In the extreme, firms can support vulnerable suppliers by helping them raise cash or by investing in them.
27 If it succeeds, it could create a two-tier NATO in the east: a few countries with a direct relationship with America, and a vulnerable rump without.
28 I tend to give to women and children because they are the most vulnerable.
29 Portugal is vulnerable not because it is an identikit version of either Greece or Ireland, but because it shares some of the symptoms of both those afflicted economies.
30 We may want to go reread some of her more lapidary work, now appreciating the vulnerable soul that Shared a body with that radical will.