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vowel in a sentence

31. Instead, it keeps its vowel.

32. for {vowel} are ubiquitous.

33. Ido has five vowel phonemes.

34. Vowel length is not phonemic.

35. is a syllable-final vowel.

36. CV or V, ending in a vowel.

37. The vowel ⟨a⟩

38. indicates the long vowel.

39. this is Vowel Boot Camp!"

40. The vowel system is unclear;

41. to indicate vowel length.

42. following the main vowel.

43. /e/ with no vowel length.

44. /ɛ/ might be another vowel.

45. Note: V means "any vowel";

46. There are no vowel clusters.

47. to indicate vowel harmony.

48. Ido has five vowel phonemes.

49. There is also vowel harmony.

50. Vowel length is contrastive;

51. Avatime has vowel harmony.

52. Most words end in a vowel.

53. or /bm/ (before a vowel);

54. or /dn/ (before a vowel);

55. or /bm/ (before a vowel);

56. or /dn/ (before a vowel);

57. Without vowel contraction.

58. Note: V means "any vowel";

59. Kéo has 6 vowel phonemes.

60. Lengthens a preceding vowel.