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1 Some English vowel sounds which are not given weight in speech become reduced to a rather formless central vowel.
2 Pure vowel sounds, articulation, proper breathing, expressive speaking patterns, a pleasing vocal range, naturalness, all these will make you get twice the result with half the effort.
3 The student was practising making a new vowel sound.
4 But he could say vowel clearly and began to learn vocabulary.
5 by leaving out a Vowel to save a Syllable, we form so jarring a Sound, and so difficult to utter, that I have often wondred how it could ever obtain.
6 a vowel or the pronunciation of a word can completely alter its intended meaning.
7 One group was exposed throughout their night-time sleeping hours to the same three vowels, while the others listened to the other, easier-to-distinguish vowel sounds.
8 of Middle English, a sudden and distinct change in pronunciation (the Great vowel Shift) started, with vowels being pronounced shorter and shorter.
9 Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry.
10 distinguishes one vowel from another is the shape of the waveform entering the ear," Dr. Shamma said.
11 Long vowels are clearly distinct from short vowels since every short vowel, every single one, has a doubled consonant after it.
12 The application instructs users to mimic 15 different vowel sounds and 16 consonant sounds to replicate received pronunciation.
13 Cantonese has 59 vowel sounds, twice as many as Mandarin's 23.
14 Some linguists argue that the “ooh” or “oh” sounds can be pronounced at a higher volume than other vowel sounds, such as the “ee” in “wheel.”
15 other sounds, like the higher vowel in "bath" that Americans use today, used to be standard in England.
16 is a front vowel, which for me, means it feels like it comes more from here, eh, than from here, ah, father.
17 out the alphabet’s second vowel, although as the English language’s most popular letter, it doesn’t really need it.
18 Dr DE Boer, of the University of Amsterdam, then played the sounds to people and asked them to identify the vowel.
19 what seem like very small mistakes in vowel sounds can be embarrassing, as Jeremy discovered when he didn't pronounce his French u correctly in a Parisian post office.
20 For example, in many languages the vowel sound "I" is associated with smallness-little, tiny, petit, nino, and so on-whereas the sound "a" or "o" is associated with largeness-grand, gross, gordo, etc.
21 The word "look" is sometimes classified as a "short vowel" because the "oo" sounds different in words like "spook". However, the word "looking" needs a stronger emphasis and an extension of the vowel.
22 To find out how having an air sac changed the sounds produced, Dr DE Boer created plastic models of the mouth, tongue and throat and forced air down them to produce different vowel sounds.
23 You can also contract tu + other verbs that begin with a vowel, such as t 'aimes or t 'ouvres, which replace tu aimes and tu ouvres.
24 Leeves here" : another Hispanicism probably, since there is no vowel like the "lives" vowel in Spanish.
25 Now, every simple vowel can be described and distinguished.
26 Tut, tut, tut, we need a vowel.
27 Link this consonant with the vowel of the next word. This is what we call liaison.
28 Remember that stressed syllables are said louder and are lengthened, and unstressed syllables are pronounced more softly, and often have the vowel sounds reduced.
29 Results the recognition rates of the child are separately: consonant, 68.9%, vowel, 84.48%, and tones, 100%, suggesting the need for the training of the smallest phoneme contrasts.
30 A diacritical mark placed above a vowel to indicate a LONG. sound or phonetic value in pronunciation, such as ? In the word make.