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No. sentence
1 She vowed that she would take the matter to court.
2 Her father shall see her, I vowed, and vowed again, if that devil be killed on his own doorstones in trying to prevent it!
3 Both said that tax cuts championed by President Bush have helped only the richest Americans, and vowed to put more of a focus on tax relief for the middle class.
4 Feit vowed not to let Trevor hinder his movements, but the first three months, he and his wife, Holly, hardly took their son anywhere.
5 On the election trail, Francois Hollande, now president, went to the site, clambered atop a van, and vowed to protect jobs there.
6 Priests vowed their lives to the service of the church.
7 President Barack Obama warned on Monday that women in America still faced unfairness and hardship, as he vowed to fight for gender equality at a White House reception on International women's day.
8 The group vowed to "retaliate for this Zionist crime at the appropriate time and place."
9 The pirates vowed to retaliate for the deaths.
10 I grew up envying the friendship between Western mothers and daughters, and I vowed not to parent like my mother.
11 was encouraging when he vowed during his 2009 State of the Union Address to double exports within five years.
12 However this year the police have vowed to arrest them for indecent exposure.
13 The most prominent armed group in the region has vowed new attacks to prove it did not receive protection money from the government.
14 Maybe one of your New Year's Resolutions it to find a job. Or, have you vowed to get over a painful divorce and start dating?
15 he vowed to perform nude on top of the National Palace if he became president-a promise he will not have to keep, since the building collapsed in the earthquake of January 2010.
16 She vowed to herself that she would dedicate her life to scientific studies.
17 current ruling party, the Pakistan People's Party, vowed to do so in its election manifesto. As yet, nothing has been done.
18 attempt to avoid the massive inequality and dislocation that often follow market reforms, Cuba has vowed to maintain its public health and education systems.
19 Today, the Group of Eight vowed to improve the ways in which the world cooperates on surveillance for infectious diseases, including improving transparency by all countries in sharing information.
20 Megrahi vowed in an interview with the Times newspaper yesterday that he would present new evidence before he died exonerating him of any involvement in Lockerbie.
21 But several other rebel groups vowed to carry on the struggle.
22 it came to pass after forty years, that Absalom said unto the king, I pray thee, let me go and pay my vow, which I have vowed unto the LORD, in Hebron.
23 After savoring an official celebration with fireworks and pounding drums, Mr. Zhan, 41, promptly vowed to return to the disputed waters.
24 In the Niger Delta region, his homeland, where militants have long campaigned for a greater share of their land’s oil revenues, he vowed to build on Mr Yar’Adua’s amnesty of last summer.
25 He vowed to himself to avenge his martyred comrade.
26 He vowed the government would take similar actions in the future if necessary.
27 He vowed not to postpone unpleasant decisions. When government programmes failed, he said, he would end them.
28 When a rather desperate Mr Giuliani vowed this week to send someone to Mars, a voice in the crowd suggested Mrs Clinton.
29 Kan, who has vowed to step down at an unspecified date, provided few details on timing, but his comments underscore cooling sentiment in Japan toward nuclear power.
30 Since 2004 leaders have vowed to build a "harmonious society", making it risky for low-level governments to report data suggesting that unrest is growing.