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1 When I spent a month in Iran earlier this year, I found people ambivalent about voting in the June election, but also determined that somehow Ahmadinejad's reign must end.
2 He delegated his voting right to his secretary.
3 Wolf army jeep blown up in 2004 in Afghanistan is paired with the parliamentary voting CARDS of Angela Merkel, the chancellor, and her predecessor, Gerhard schroder.
4 The leaders asked their representatives to abstain from voting.
5 He abstained from voting at the end of the debate.
6 Channels are now restricted to one such show per year. Judges are discouraged from abusing contestants and voting is restricted.
7 On the streets of West Jerusalem, some people like this man say they thought about not voting.
8 period between registration and voting was shortened from 90 days to 30.
9 The only signs of problems were the many voters who needed help to fold their beach-towel-sized ballots and push them through the skinny slots in metal voting boxes.
10 After weeks of wrangling, the government has agreed to a proportional party-list voting system in which half the candidates must be women.
11 is simply no more time to waste debating and voting on measures that have no hopes of becoming law.
12 All this voting gives Haitians the chance of a fresh start, but it has also diverted resources from other priorities.
13 Karzai is still favored to garner the most votes in the first round of voting, but analysts have predicted that the growing challenge from Abdullah and Ghani could force a second round.
14 Yes campaign has spent most of the past few weeks in a defensive position, struggling to refute claims about the cost, complexity and international rarity of their voting model.
15 for all the talk of bipartisanship and Mr Obama's courting of religious voters during his campaign, their voting patterns did not change much at all, so he owes them little.
16 Because many believe that they, or at least their children, will eventually be wealthy, voting for taxes on the rich may feel like voting for taxes on themselves.
17 Unlike India, Indonesia does not stagger its election, though some Christian districts will be allowed to delay voting a few days.
18 They collectively abstained (from voting) in the elections for local councilors.
19 Many brought their children along, or lingered after voting to chat with friends.
20 selection committee chose four flags from a vast number of entries, and voting in an earlier referendum selected a black, white, blue and red fern and stars design by Kyle Lockwood.
21 Yet the Euro-establishment’s delight in lots more majority voting is just as nonsensical and self-serving as most of the Yes and No arguments.
22 At the end of the first day of voting, the referendum that many doubted would ever happen now appears to be a routine and joyous exercise.
23 Many white voters told pollsters that they would vote for the black candidate but, in the anonymity of the voting booth, they did not.
24 Early yon, it decided that people were lying about their voting intentions.
25 But we acknowledge it is a gamble. Given Mr Obama's inexperience, the lack of clarity about some of his beliefs and the prospect of a stridently Democratic Congress, voting for him is a risk.
26 Few Iranians would ever again deign to volunteer for the empty pageantry of voting.
27 Not so in the voting for the Olympic host city.
28 we are, once again, careening madly down the path to electoral ruin-where voting for the "lesser of two evils" has become a national pastime.
29 In one study, hearing a rumor that "Sophie" had a mental illness tended to reduce participants' liking for her, desire to know her, and likelihood of voting for her in the student-government election.
30 The politician tried to disaffect every major voting bloc.