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No. sentence
1 We shall need all the votes we can get to push the new law through.
2 They lined up so many votes for him that he won the election for mayor.
3 The family helped her win the vast majority of votes in the province in the 2004 presidential election.
4 They have canvassed the votes cast carefully.
5 I knew America would also get beyond this dark day when five Republican justices stripped thousands of their fellow Americans of their votes, just because they could.
6 In the 2005 election, when they were buoyed by their opposition to the Iraq war, they won more than a fifth of the votes, but less than a tenth of the seats.
7 most voters have decided how to cast their votes in the current presidential election they may be tempted to start thinking about the next contest.
8 In some districts no votes were cast at all.
9 So many shareholders cast votes that it took the bank longer than expected to count them all.
10 And remember that not all votes have to be equal.
11 Who can say if the other five polling-stations did not contain just as much fraud—two of them produced suspiciously round numbers of votes and no spoilt ballots?
12 Several political parties vie with each other in pulling more votes for themselves.
13 Each team member then gets three votes each for the positive group and the negative group.
14 I have no doubt that they were busy rigging the votes upstairs.
15 He contrived to gain their votes.
16 Such are the debates that have raged while you - the Daily Telegraph readership - have cast your votes for the worst-looking cars of all time.
17 Karzai is still favored to garner the most votes in the first round of voting, but analysts have predicted that the growing challenge from Abdullah and Ghani could force a second round.
18 But if 60 votes are required because of a filibuster, ultimately some Republicans would have to vote for the increase lest the party be blamed for a debt crisis.
19 Mr Yanukovich won the most votes in the first round yet the wily and more appealing Ms Tymoshenko could yet snatch victory.
20 In recent years it has played a sordid game, lavishing favours on those-such as exporters, builders and farmers-whose votes and money have kept it in power.
21 All our hopes for winning the election were ploughed under when the votes were counted.
22 main answer, presumably, lies in the G.O.P. 's decision, long ago, to seek votes from Southerners angered by the end of legal segregation.
23 Mir Hosein Mousavi, widely thought to have bested Mr Ahmadinejad in the disputed poll if votes had been fairly counted, called for a big turnout.
24 But the PPP did not win the deluge of sympathy votes in memory of its murdered leader it had hoped for.
25 Under STV votes are cast for candidates in big, multi-member constituencies, by order of preference.
26 A council spokesman, Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei, was quoted on the state TV website as saying the investigation showed more votes had been cast than there were registered voters in these constituencies.
27 He used examples of the illegal recount of 23 constituencies where a handful of votes changed, but did not alter the final result.
28 because European countries, which hold over a third of the votes on the IMF's board, have rallied around a single contender: France's finance minister, Christine Lagarde.
29 It notes that in some peasant communities Mr Morales won almost 100% of the votes in the recall referendum.
30 The ECB believes that 'real action' will come when the eurozone government eventually votes to expand the mandate of the EFSF bailout fund to allow it to buy sovereign debt in the secondary markets.