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No. sentence
1 They checked to see if she enrolled among the voters of their district.
2 I believed if all the voters understood that, al would win.
3 Doing that will take courage, for it means coming up with a scheme for cutting entitlements to pensions and health care that will not go down well with voters.
4 But that does not overcome the result because the majority of voters "win".
5 Under the current system, voters directly elect candidates in 47 prefectures, and other candidates are selected through proportional representation.
6 That charge failed to sway voters. But some economists question how much the new government can change the political culture that has dominated Portugal for the past 30 years.
7 real trouble for Mr Sarkozy is that, even if voters approve of the Libyan operation, they do not yet approve of him.
8 But he also admits he has yet to establish the better work-life balance he was always urging on voters.
9 Yet as the news from Baghdad, Beirut, Karachi and Annapolis often reminds voters, the next President will have no time to learn on the job.
10 most voters have decided how to cast their votes in the current presidential election they may be tempted to start thinking about the next contest.
11 But as an emotional flashpoint it is potent, especially among the 21% of voters who are Latino.
12 Voters seem to like this consistency, though they have shown little of it themselves.
13 The politician deluded the voters with election promises.
14 They hedged the right to choose with various restrictions, such as parental notification, and concentrated on winning over middle-of-the-road voters.
15 He thought I had abused his hospitality to make a demagogic pitch to white voters.
16 voters, Mr Cain insists, like his plan—although they may get misgivings the more they hear about it.
17 And then he can pledge to the voters that the last three weeks will feature a contest worthy of this moment in our history.
18 The opposition may be keeping in mind an earlier defeat for Congress, in 1989, when voters punished the party over huge kickbacks that flowed from an arms deal with Bofors, a Swedish company.
19 But voters will judge him by how he played it.
20 some precincts in Iowa, where voters heard short speeches in favour of each candidate before they voted, no one could be found to make the case for him.
21 The only signs of problems were the many voters who needed help to fold their beach-towel-sized ballots and push them through the skinny slots in metal voting boxes.
22 Mr Nkunda knows that merely threatening such an assault will spread dismay and play on popular dissatisfaction with a government that has done little to please voters.
23 It was that pervasive spirit of hope that tied my own family's story to the larger American story, and my own story to those of the voters I sought to represent.
24 Polls show voters increasingly frustrated and dismayed, not only with the President's performance over the crisis but also with members of Congress from both sides.
25 Voters do not seem to give him much credit for holding out through weeks of strikes and protests to lift the minimum retirement age from 60 to 62, although that may change in time.
26 Among his trademarks is a faux-hawk or “antenna” hairstyle, reportedly modelled on David Beckham’s appearance in 2002; voters apparently like it.
27 Leaders find themselves punished, and also hobbled, by the low regard in which they are held by their voters.
28 It makes it easier to draw violent groups into politics; but it also allows peaceful nationalists to act up, and voters to support them, because there is no danger of bloodshed.
29 Now they have to choose between disappointing the bond markets and imposing austerity on their voters.
30 Irish voters also received solemn written declarations that Lisbon did not affect Ireland's cherished military neutrality, nor its laws on abortion or taxation.