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No. sentence
1 this up, and that way lies voter fury, so intense that even a stairway to heaven will not save him.
2 government proposes to redraw constituencies to make them much more equal in terms of voter population, and to shrink the House of Commons from 650 to 600 members.
3 If you know that a voter in Ohio is male, over 35, votes in primaries, drives a sport-utility vehicle and reads Golf Digest, there is a 90% chance he is a Republican, he says.
4 She did not quite promise to pluck each voter from a burning building, but she left the distinct impression that she might.
5 She argued that the important contest had been "Tzipi or Bibi" -and "the voter" had chosen her over him.
6 He has so little respect for the average American voter that he thinks this reckless and cynical ploy will work.
7 As a voter, you help choose the policies that guide the allocation of society's resources.
8 Either type of station would print out an official ballot after a voter completes his or her selections.
9 So as a voter, how can you tell if the information you're getting from Twitter is legit or is something that may have been posted to deliberately mislead you?
10 But some of his ideas-taking America out of the United Nations and NATO, abolishing the Federal reserve-stray far beyond the comfort zone of the average voter.
11 Even the brazen use of government resources, voter intimidation and other dubious tactics failed to produce the result the President wanted.
12 Temperament is in the eye of the voter. Is one response evidence of composure and self-possession — or of being too laid-back and unassertive?
13 voter does not express blind confidence in the future comportment of one of the candidates. He approves or disapproves of an already accomplished service.
14 No voter may BE railroaded into giving his vote for any particular person; he must BE free to choose whish one he wants to elect.
15 Republicans are convinced that pro-Democrat groups often inflate voter rolls by helping to register aliens, felons and underage citizens, who they assume will vote Democratic.
16 On Tuesday, Senator Obama was campaigning in Pennsylvania when a voter suggested Senator Clinton's "elitist" accusation may have racial overtones.
17 He visits, he gets petitions, he at least surveys with his own eyes what the rural voter is facing.
18 In much of western Europe the idea of private rating agencies policing welfare rolls would cause outrage. No voter in Manchester raised a murmur at the suggestion.
19 And Tendai Biti, secretary-general of the Morgan Tsvangirai faction of the M.D.C., says the voter rolls have been heavily padded, creating rich opportunities for rigging the poll.
20 Sarkozy is betting that high-minded Paris opinion is out of tune with the average French voter; one poll this week found that 48% of the French support the Roma expulsion.
21 In Maine, developers have already put down a deposit on a site for a casino, which is subject to voter approval in November.
22 Every election throws up an identikit swing voter - "Mondeo man" and "Worcester woman" in campaigns of yore-whose demographic group is said to hold the key to the outcome.
23 Politicians have for years larded voter lists with the names of foreign musicians, including deceased ones like Marvin Gaye, and have stuffed ballot boxes with abandon.
24 Now, in a way that even the least economically literate voter can see, it has done so.
25 capital, voter Kehav Raj Bajracharya says he was not worried about violence at his polling station in Kathmandu, but he did hear of attacks in other areas.
26 on healthcare policy, another major voter issue in 2012, only 40 percent of Americans back the President, with 56 percent against.
27 Next month Britain will have its first referendum for years (on whether to change its voting system), and there is talk of voter recalls for aberrant MPs.
28 This would boost voter choice and break the two-party duopoly.
29 with the tracking number, a voter can then verify that their ballot was correctly captured by the voting system, which publishes a list of all tracking Numbers prior to tallying; and.
30 One underappreciated fact about the experimental and survey evidence relied on by advocates of the new paternalism is that it models voter decision-making far more closely than market decisions.