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No. sentence
1 Parliament has voted the town a large sum of money for a new road.
2 But later in the day the trustees voted to fire him.
3 The International Atomic Energy Agency voted to rebuke Syria on claims of an undeclared nuclear reactor in the country's remote northeast.
4 The opposition voted against the package in both houses, but agreed neither to amend nor obstruct it.
5 politician who proposed a campaign of preventing asteroid collisions with Earth, for example, would be ridiculed and probably voted out of office.
6 of blacks voted for him in Indiana and North Carolina.
7 Although I knew the answer, I still asked him why he voted against me.
8 Chelsea and I voted first, then hugged each other as we watched Hillary close the curtain and cast a ballot for herself.
9 The app improves their chances of finding a receptive audience by pointing them to the homes of people who voted for Obama.
10 Only a handful of Conservative MPs voted for him as speaker: one constituent says he was chosen by Labour as a “practical joke”.
11 an opening wedge for emancipation, and hundreds of such "contrabands" voted with their feet for freedom by escaping to Union lines in subsequent months.
12 some precincts in Iowa, where voters heard short speeches in favour of each candidate before they voted, no one could be found to make the case for him.
13 This proposal has been voted down.
14 of this bodes well for a peaceful national election, supposed to be the first time in four decades that the country has voted as one, that is scheduled to be held next February.
15 I doubt he ever voted for me.
16 the United Nations voted to partition the land into a Jewish state and an Arab state.
17 I knew a strong bipartisan majority of the Senate favored lifting the embargo; in fact, not long afterward, they voted for a resolution asking me to stop enforcing it.
18 I said I was and shook his hand, he couldn’t wait to tell me he had voted against me.
19 That untruth worked too: at a polling station near O’Connell Street in Dublin, a young man said he had voted No “because they're sending the kids to war and all that.
20 was not just America and the West that has voted against Iran, but 12 out of the Security Council's 15 members, including China, Russia, Mexico and Nigeria.
21 AIDESEP says that under the UN declaration on indigenous peoples, which Peru voted for, its member groups have the right to exercise control over their traditional lands and their resources.
22 new bill, which also allows for greater congressional oversight of such surveillance, could be voted on next week, but would need to be reconciled with whatever the Senate passes.
23 The East Timorese voted to secede from Indonesian control in a referendum in 1999 - a vote that will be remembered for the brutality of militiamen who tried to disrupt the process.
24 The football team have voted me their new captain.
25 Panamanians voted heavily in favour of expansion in a referendum in 2006 after concessions to soften the environmental impact: there will be no extra dam and the new locks will recycle most water.
26 Yet few of those who voted at the elections in November 2005 imagined that Zelaya would embark on a programme of radical change.
27 By contrast in this referendum 41 constituencies have voted to endorse Lisbon.
28 Every party had to take part on August 14th, but each had only one candidate, so the exercise turned into a gigantic opinion poll in which 78% of the electorate voted.
29 UNIVERSITY tuition fees are political dynamite: when Tony Blair's government voted to increase them in England, it aroused greater concern in Parliament than did his decision to wage war on Iraq.
30 being voted the World's Most Glamorous Celebrity, Victoria Beckham showed exactly why she deserved the title as she lunched in London yesterday.