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No. sentence
1 In Engare Sero, a village of 6,000 people, mostly Maasai herder s, just about everyone interviewed said they would vote for him.
2 First Nations living on a reserve could not vote in federal elections until 1960.
3 One day, perhaps, Kenyans will vote for policies over tribe. But not, it seems, quite yet.
4 After casting her ballot, an elderly woman named Joan leans slightly on a cane and explains her vote for Senator Clinton.
5 But complaining is easy, as is casting a protest vote.
6 The disturbances erupted against a background of claims that Italy's billionaire prime minister had secured the vote with promises to opposition lawmakers of high office or more tangible benefits.
7 Mr Sarkozy, who will remain interior minister until the end of March, has also been nibbling at the far-right vote with hard talk on both immigration and crime.
8 Recent elections have emphasized the value of each vote.
9 The chairman fell in my opinion after he refused to take a vote.
10 He has ridiculed the notion that an official inquiry into the vote might yield a different result.
11 With no opposition, Mr Mugabe won 85% of the vote in the runoff, but many were forced to vote for him.
12 if this newspaper had a vote in Germany’s election, it would cast it for the FDP, in the hope that it joins a coalition with Ms Merkel’s CDU.
13 Chinese astronauts walk on the moon, the world has splintered into currency blocs after an international exchange rate shock, and even robots have the vote.
14 The former premier was quick to speak out from his self-imposed exile in Dubai, congratulating his sister on her victory and hailing the results as a vote for "change in a peaceful manner".
15 Meet each of the candidates and read their campaign promises and find out why their supporters decided to vote for them in this class election.
16 The candidates would be nominated by district councillors, but everyone who does not have a vote in another functional constituency (about 93% of the electorate) would be allowed to pick the winners.
17 He suffered an unexplained hip fracture shortly ahead of the vote, forcing him to campaign with a cane that became a trademark.
18 THE citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) do not enjoy a vote but they relish a bit of artistic agitation.
19 Once the Tea Party members of Congress reconceived themselves as part of the governing elite, what they wanted was for the debt ceiling to be raised -- without too many of them having to vote for it.
20 have a hundred men who wish for a master the right to vote on behalf of ten who do not?
21 Another would be raising the barrier for acceptance of a bid from 50% plus one vote to 60%.
22 Both Massoud and Abdullah hinted yesterday that he would consider re-entering the race if conditions for a runoff vote were made fairer.
23 But only one House Republican was willing to vote in favour, and none at all in the Senate.
24 Its citizens have no vote in any national or international body, but they are suffering and need to be heard.
25 The vote also delivers an important boost to the prospects of reaching an agreement for international action on climate change at Copenhagen this year.
26 I remember back then my teacher organizing us into groups to vote in the school hall.
27 In a study they conducted, each subject was told that other subjects were forming a group-and taking a vote on whether she could join.
28 The former premier was quick to speak out from his self-imposed exile in Dubai, congratulating his sister on her victory and hailing the results as a vote for “change in a peaceful manner”.
29 A Republican presidential candidate loses the popular vote in a disputed election, but wins the White House after months of partisan wrangling. It's not a lie - history does repeat itself.
30 Although he won the popular vote in 2000, one of the knocks against him was his "wooden" communication style. Some said he was boring, stiff.