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vomerine teeth in a sentence

1. vomerine teeth are absent.

2. The bicolored frog's vomerine teeth scarcely developed, sometimes indistinct.

3. Vomerine teeth in two oval oblique groups between the choanae.

4. pineal ocellus, vomerine teeth and ridge absent.

5. the vomerine teeth are absent.

6. Vomerine teeth in two oblique groups are found just behind the level of the choanae.

7. Vomerine teeth in two groups on a level with the hinder edge of the choanae.

8. Vomerine teeth in two oblique groups just behind the level of the choanae.

9. The vomerine teeth occur in two oblique series between the choanae.

10. Vomerine teeth and pineal ocellus (parietal eye) are present.

11. The vomerine teeth are nearer to the choanae than to each other.

12. Vomerine teeth are absent.

13. Vomerine teeth are absent.

14. reduced eyes; presence of maxillary and vomerine teeth;

15. The usually discrete vomerine teeth of the species are evident in this species.

16. The adults possess vomerine teeth.

17. They both have vomerine teeth, and similar tail length to total body length ratios;

18. The tongue is notched and it has vomerine teeth in the roof of its mouth.

19. Its vocal sac is external, and it does not have vomerine teeth.

20. Vomerine teeth and lingual papilla are absent.

21. The vomerine teeth are present.

22. Vomerine teeth are present on oblique ridges.

23. Vomerine teeth and a pineal ocellus (parietal eye) are present.

24. They lack vomerine teeth.

25. Vomerine teeth exist in a V-shaped patch.

26. The roof of the mouth has four large, compound vomerine teeth.

27. vomerine teeth and an absent lingual papilla;

28. Vomerine teeth and nuptial pads are absent.

29. Notably the species possesses curved clavicles and a sigmoidal set of vomerine teeth.

30. Tusk like vomerine teeth present.