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1 With such market access now out of the question, the new bail-out envisages more loans from the EU and IMF, along with some "voluntary" participation by private bondholders.
2 That should satisfy the German demand for participation of private lenders while meeting the ECB’s requirement that any adjustment be voluntary so that no default is deemed to occur.
3 One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny.
4 Also, treatment should be voluntary as far as possible, while service users should have plenty of contact and companionship with other service users.
5 will be unsurprising if, this time next year, taking the oath is compulsory rather than voluntary at Harvard, given Nitin Nohria’s recent appointment as dean of its business school.
6 That is not always so, because regulators keep an eye on them through the Banks which trade with them. But he suggested there should be a voluntary code of conduct.
7 She recently submitted to a voluntary freeze on all spending, except for essentials like food.
8 because voluntary euthanasia is taboo, a doctor makes the decision himself - and the patient is killed involuntarily in the night with a syringe.
9 This week you will discuss Member States' immediate voluntary compliance with selected provisions of the revised International Health Regulations.
10 He quotes Napoleon's memoirs to show how deeply the Frenchman admired Washington and how utterly baffled he was by his voluntary relinquishment of power.
11 WRAP also cajoled Britain’s biggest supermarkets and food suppliers into signing a voluntary agreement to halt the growth in packaging by last year and start reducing it from 2010.
12 Her work with voluntary groups alerted her to the struggles of women in rural Kenya, and it quickly became her life's cause.
13 Few protesters are burning senators in effigy, as they were a century ago, and a voluntary armistice between the two parties seems an even more remote prospect than that.
14 And they feel betrayed because what the administration once billed as a transparent, voluntary program aimed only at dangerous convicted criminals turns out to be none of those things.
15 But he also insisted that all human organisations, whether in business or the voluntary sector, need clear objectives and hard measurements to keep them efficient.
16 An evolutionary biologist would say physical activity is the only voluntary means you have of varying or regulating your energy expenditure.
17 Citizens are encouraged to participate in the work of community convalescent institutions on a voluntary basis, rendering assistance to mental patients 'treatment, convalescence and return to society.
18 years since Copenhagen and cancun, 85 countries - together responsible for 85% of the world's emissions - have now announced voluntary climate commitments.
19 India also maintains it would not allow any international scrutiny of whatever voluntary mitigation actions it funds domestically with its own money.
20 Ideally, we should adopt a voluntary spirit of civic decency, and intelligent new forms of incentives that punish as well as reward.
21 The American flag, on the moon or anywhere else, is worthless except as a symbol, a symbol of men achieving their ends by voluntary association, cooperating through mutual exchange in a free society.
22 Legislation can also set limits on factors such as stocking density for broiler chickens, and even higher levels of welfare can be achieved by producers who participate in voluntary assurance schemes.
23 They also say programs to curb foreclosure are voluntary, so they are limited in how far they can push mortgage servicers and investors, who often make more from foreclosures than from offering aid.
24 Consider just the following passage from chapter 30, section 21. Hobbes writes: "For the use of laws, which are but rules authorized," he says, "is not to bind the people from all voluntary actions."
25 Tower crane operator trade certification is compulsory in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba and available, but voluntary, in Prince Edward Island.
26 This list ranks the Chinese enterprises which have the best rewards for voluntary reductions in greenhouse gases.
27 And so, as part of On the Hoof - very much a voluntary part - I will also be going to the abattoir to see the animal I have chosen being killed.
28 Pharmaceutical representatives also note that the industry already has a voluntary code of conduct and that the Food and Drug Administration regulates its marketing practices.
29 placed the sensor in MN's primary motor cortex, the area of the brain responsible for voluntary movement.
30 This FAO Trust Fund shall be financed by voluntary contributions made by governments, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and the private sector.