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No. sentence
1 After some vocational training, these senior high school students can also become backbones in their own fields and contribute their wisdom to our society.
2 They have set a regular time for vocational study.
3 They should not, as the levels of education offered by different vocational schools are unequal.
4 We now have students who do vocational qualifications at a skills centre in a more hands-on way.
5 technical and other vocational schools train students for technical and other professions.
6 resource of higher and vocational education in Jingzhou is abundant and its advantages are obvious.
7 Thousands of these fighters have signed up to an amnesty that began 18 months ago, whereby they agreed to hand over their weapons, attend this course, and do vocational training.
8 Wang, 24, eventually returned to the community he once spurned, despite graduating from Shanxi Drama Vocational College in the provincial capital, Taiyuan.
9 Students in vocational schools spend around three days a week as part-time salaried apprentices of companies for two to four years.
10 higher vocational education, refereed as the new type of the higher education has the task of training the practical talented persons.
11 We drove the five girls to a police station to fill out paperwork so that they could move into shelters and receive schooling or vocational training.
12 Objective To study the value of measurement of bone mineral density in vocational fluorosis.
13 Secondary education comprises grammar schools, vocational schools and art schools.
14 role of vocational school is to cultivate special technique person with high quality and making, and psychology diathesis is the core of all people's integrated stuffs.
15 the government will also introduce new, specialised diplomas to replace the present tangle of vocational qualifications that students can opt to take instead of GCSEs and A-levels.
16 benefits the choice of vocations by students, as well benefits the choices of ideal employees by employers to develop vocational direction by school.
17 We will energetically develop vocational education, with the focus on supporting rural secondary vocational education.
18 He also visited a group of women who had improved their quality of life through micro-credit, as well as a school teaching vocational skills to underprivileged children.
19 Fourth, provincial culture and the arts vocational school as a leader, to develop arts training industry, focus on promoting the Tibetan, Tu and Salar ethnic dance training;
20 Some argue, too, that students should not be shunted off into exclusively vocational training but keep the option to go back into the academic stream.
21 Computer science is no longer a buzzword-compliant "get rich quick" subject, and people (outside the BCS) are starting to realize that it's not a vocational software development degree course.
22 Last year, various engineering majors held the top eight spots in placement rates, said Wang Xing, director of Wuhan's Vocational School &College Graduates Placement Administration.
23 Britain, unlike Germany, has never had a coherent system of vocational education, despite all the talk about the importance of skills and human capital.
24 I am from a vocational school.
25 Hey, I wish I could take out another student loan for a grad degree; meanwhile, these folks are going to college as some forced vocational exercise.
26 The Fiji-based University of the South Pacific maintains an extension centre in Avarua, Rarotonga and provides vocational, foundation and degree courses, some using video links with the Fiji centre.
27 By one estimate, which may be optimistic, only 20% of job-seekers have had any sort of vocational training.
28 It is a powerful link between NGOs, vocational training programmes, the Government, employers and people with disabilities.
29 If the philosophy and reputation are allied strongly to a liberal arts education, direct vocational training in tourism is not likely.
30 Wolf report, a review of vocational education in Britain published this year, pointed out that the wrong kind of training can actually damage employment prospects.