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vocal patterns in a sentence

1. Differences in communication may be present from the first year of life, and may include delayed onset of babbling, unusual gestures, diminished responsiveness, and vocal patterns that are not synchronized with the caregiver.

2. Clans within a community do not share vocal patterns.

3. Vowel-like vocal patterns have been recorded in baboons which has implications for the origin of speech in humans.

4. To effect this, the Bene Gesserit must "register" the intended target by analyzing his or her personality and vocal patterns through observation or seemingly innocuous direct questions.

5. Imitation is a useful, normal and necessary component of social learning: imitative learning occurs when the "observer acquires new behaviors through imitation" and mimicry or automatic imitation occurs when a "reenacted behavior is based on previously acquired motor (or vocal) patterns".

6. The album featured a total of eleven songs, all of which were more raucous and energetic than those on the band's previous efforts, with occasional escapes into heavy metal-esque guitar distortion paired with screaming vocal patterns.

7. Yet, the typical Fenix TX song features an energetic — yet pop-friendly — distortion guitar-driven sound, paired with fast-paced but melodic vocal patterns.

8. She especially praised Wonder's arrangement of "intriguing vocal patterns" on what she deemed "an album of explosive genius and unshackled self-expression".

9. On the characteristic of talking fast, Sherman-Palladino noted: "Just by listening to Lorelai's vocal patterns, it says volumes about this woman: First of all, that she's bright enough to put that many words together that quickly... and it says a lot about her emotionally, that she's got a deflection shield that's sort of the way she gets through the world, which says survivor."

10. The album introduced more Slayer-esque shouting vocal patterns by Gary Lenaire as well as a darker atmosphere.

11. A type of super android that could assess and exploit weaknesses, as well as implement psychological warfare using Max Lord's vocal patterns to offset his adversaries.

12. For example, many frogs may use trilling notes in mate attraction, but switch to different vocal patterns in aggressive territorial displays.

13. Like the human voice, bird song typically contains sufficient individual variability to allow discrimination of individual vocal patterns by conspecifics.

14. The driving rhythms and Satyr's vocal patterns are downright catchy.

15. The song "Donovan Said" is itself a tribute to Donovan's "The Fat Angel", mimicking the vocal patterns of the verse at about a 3/4's of the speed.

16. While these tendencies are clearly audible in guitarwork and drumming, punk rock influences are far less obvious as far as vocal patterns and lyricism are concerned.

17. People with certain personality traits and vocal patterns may be more susceptible to the development of contact granulomas.

18. Sasha's vocal patterns more closely resemble Marcia's interpretation than that of the Ellis'. In 2019, Brazilian singer Anitta remade and reenacted the visuals for Sean Paul's original video with her song "Terremoto," featuring Brazilian rapper Kevinho.

19. Critics have noted that, due to the distinct drum beat and vocal patterns during the verses, portions of the song bear a strong similarity to Elvis Costello's "Pump It Up".

20. Edwards' vocal patterns on the last album are said to be reminiscent of Peter Steele (Type O Negative) while he incorporates some extreme vocals.

21. For traditional transmission, they argue that "the problem with cultural/traditional transmission so conceived is that, again, it has to do purely with the properties of the medium, i.e. the vocal patterns.

22. Genetic analysis indicated that successful vocal patterns were not passed down hereditarily, indicating that this behavior is learned.

23. Andrew Ellis from Melodic magazine felt that the song features all the elements of the band's previous single "From Yesterday" mixed with higher vocal patterns and a "great sing along chorus".

24. Vocal patterns, such as pitch, specific to the individual also cue the hearer to know how the timing will play out in turn-taking.

25. For instance 'I said to him' was قلت له ['qultu 'lahu] and 'I wrote to her' was كتبت لها [ka'tabtu la'ha:]. In Palestinian Arabic, the Indirect Object marker is still based on the consonant /l/, but with more complex rules, and two different vocal patterns.

26. Wood went on to criticize the record's opposing themes as "unexamined" and said Trainor's use of certain vocal patterns are "typically associated with black singers".

27. This time around, there was a lot more focal point on the guitar work and the musicianship behind the lyrics and the vocal patterns and everything.

28. Uptempo rhythm that winds itself all over the place, following the intricate vocal patterns."

29. D. Kimbrough Oller (born March 31, 1946), also known as Kim Oller, is an American scientist who has contributed to the fields of the evolution of language, child phonology, speech-language pathology (focusing on vocal patterns in cases of infant and childhood hearing loss, Down syndrome, and autism), and to the fields of bilingualism and second-language acquisition.

30. Because what you're doing is having to capture vocal patterns, then you're having to analyze them like a brain does, "says Rizzo."